Is the RAM PC333 the same as DDR333?

By Healer ·
One of my computers has PC333 256MB installed. I wonder if PC333 and DDR333 are the same. I have another one which is PC2100. I suppose DDR333 which is PC2700 should be faster.

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Difference between "PC" and "Mhz"

by Brenton Keegan In reply to Is the RAM PC333 the same ...

If I understand correctly. Mhz is cycles a second and PC is megabytes per second.

Each type of ram has a specific "width", meaning how many bytes it transfers per second. The "PC" number is really a calculated number of how much data it can push per second.

So PC2700 ram can theoretically move 2.7 Gigs a second.

The number after the DDR is the the speed. It's not exactly the clock speed, DDR is "Double data rate" so the actual mhz speed is half the "DDR Number".

So, to answer your question, NO PC333 and DDR333 are not the same. DDR is 64 bits wide so that's 8 Bytes * 333 and that ends up being just under 2700.

SO DDR333 = PC2700

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So PC333 is very slow

by Healer In reply to Difference between "PC" a ...

I wasn't too sure if PC333 was a wrongly made-up term because I couldn't find any official definition when I Googled for it. I have one ram 256MB PC333 and another 256MB PC2100. Both works fine separately on one of my old computers but they wouldn't work together. As you have said PC333 can push 333MB per second and PC2100 2.1 GB per second, so I should have the PC2100 on my computer instead of PC333 as both work fine separately.

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Righ t- Do not mix RAM.

by seanferd In reply to So PC333 is very slow

If the modules differ in any number of specs, there will be problems. Even from different vendors with the same specs, there can be issues.

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A bit of extra info

by Jacky Howe In reply to Is the RAM PC333 the same ...
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It is a challenge

by Healer In reply to A bit of extra info

to get my head around the article. It is still as clear as mud to me. I have got a vague idea though. I think I need to read many more times to get a complete clear picture. I regret that I have not been following all these in all my years of technical computing work.

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I keep several links

by Jacky Howe In reply to It is a challenge

that will help to jog my memory, when I'm working on RAM.

The first link may help you identify the your memory types.
Ramfinder v2.0

Types of RAM: How to Identify and their Specifications

Different RAM Types and its uses

Determining your Computer RAM Type

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by Healer In reply to I keep several links

It is much clearer now.

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Good on you

by Jacky Howe In reply to Thanks!

I sometimes find that I don't get something until I read it a few times.

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