Is there a fast, easy way to copy one user's permissions to a new user?

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We have a new employee that needs varying levels of access to a directory and its sub-directories. He needs the exact same permissions as an employee that is already set up. It is simple enough to go into each folder in the directory and give him the same permissions as the current employee but that would take forever. Active Directory must have a way to copy all of the folder security permissions from one user to another, right?

If I need to clarify anything, please ask.

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well you can spoof a user which is really what your asking

by CG IT In reply to Is there a fast, easy way ...


but in reality, everything in active directoy is an object and objects has security identifiers. you can set security to objects using security groups. only members of a security group then can gain access. Since user accounts are objects with security identifiers, simply add the user to the security group that has permissions to the object and they now have the rights to access.

So if the IT guy knew what he was doing when setting up security for access, he used security groups and not set permissions to individual users.

spoofing... well if you get the gist of what I said, then you will get how spoofing works.

If you didn't get anything I said, I suggest you go to microsoft technet and read about setting shared folder permissions and using NTFS permissions and what the best practice is.

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