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Is there a GOOD MCSE boot camp or internet - first hand experience please!

By ~Atheria ·
If anyone out there has DONE an MCSE course through a bootcamp or internet class (fixed or self-paced) I'd appreciate your input.

I am A+ certified but not an MCSE. I recently moved from the East Coast to the West Coast and my "value" took a serious nosedive. For some reason, now that I am in Microsoft-land (close to Seattle, Washington) I am only worth 10-11 dollars an hour compared to 17-20 dollars an hour on the East Coast (Northern and Southern Virginia- think DC...)

I've been a computer hardware geek/trainer for over 15 years and now I can't get a life sustaining job or career.

After months of looking I did get into one, but they aren't cheap. Not only that, the "hands on" of an internet course is sadly lacking even when promised!

I am guessing college is going to be a necessity but then again does the college have good enough instructors to be able to take the MCSE (or other) Microsoft tests...that's not easy to find out either.

I am very surprised that no one has answered with a decent camp, course, or training venue.

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Boot Camps

by BFilmFan In reply to Is there a GOOD MCSE boot ...

I can't say any of them strike me as a place to do anything other than get the answers to pass the test. They won't teach you to properly use the technology or administer it.

You could buy books and self-study for the test at a much lower cost.

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Yep. This is what I did.

by NearFatalFall In reply to Boot Camps

I went to TechSkills for a while, a technical college, but all they really did was supply the books I could have picked up from Barnes and Noble at about $50 bucks a piece and left me with a nice $14,000 student loan payment. Needless to say, I dropped the college and did all the coursework myself and got certified. This takes a little more motivation, because, well - life happens, but I think this is the most affordable and convienent way to earn certifications. The internet has provided an avenue for a lot of hands on information outside of the reference material you have within your textbooks as well.

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Is there a GOOD MCSE boot camp or internet - first hand experience please!

by hayward_room In reply to Is there a GOOD MCSE boot ...

You might want to also ask you manager if they are open for training reimbursements relating to your job. Most of the IT departments has budget for their staff training. GLuck!

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by sherrywillia In reply to Is there a GOOD MCSE boot ...

I think Good Institute?s will help more then self-studies. It will to get more practical knowledge also. Your doubts will be cleared on the spot so I will always prefer it.You can find good institutes in countries like INDIA. Their cost is much cheaper and technical teaching quality is also good.

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CCNA certification

by philipswil In reply to Hi

I was looking for Cisco certifications can you guide me any good institutes.
my thread is located here

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My first hand MCSE experience

by tchamplin In reply to Is there a GOOD MCSE boot ...

While this reply does not quickly follow the poster request, I have detailed my experience at an MCSE boot camp in a blog at

The bottom line is that I attend American Interactive's MCSE bootcamp in May of 2007 and learned a lot while leaving with my MCSE.
I had 11 years of prior experience but had never gotten certified.

The instructor Jay Cline is the best.


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Great MCSE Bootcamp

by bradruben In reply to Is there a GOOD MCSE boot ...

The one I took from New Horizons, in Anaheim, southern california was great. Passed my MCSE now I am on to greener pastures so to say. Tough work but worth it. Like getting taking a bandaid off, better to rip it off quick!

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