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    Is there a hack to upgrade mac A1181 Snow Leopard 10.6.8 to Windows 10

    by ormy87 ·

    Hi, I am completely new to mac and have got an old A1181 it is currently running Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and obviously apple have stop supporting this a long time ago, therefore can i literally do nothing on the macbook. Therefore I was wondering if there was a hack to use windows 10 on it instead. All the youtube videos I have tried using bootcamp etc do not work Apple won’t even let me open boot camp properly. I also tried partitioning harddrive but when it came to downloading some form of software the mac didn’t like that either. Any help would be appreciated!!

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      Hack No not really

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to Is there a hack to upgrade mac A1181 Snow Leopard 10.6.8 to Windows 10

      However I assume you have thought about upgrading the OS to the newest Apple is currently supporting.

      If not that you can wipe the HDD and use a Windows Install CD to install Windows not BootCamp you have to **** away all of IOS and install from scratch.

      The reason I saw Wipe is that the Windows Installer will not recognize the Partitions that IOS makes so it’s pointless trying to delete the IOS Partitions with the Windows Installer.

      Of course to go that way you’ll need a Licensed Version of Windows on Official Microsoft Install Media not a Recovery Disc from a Computer Maker like HP, Dell or so on as they do not have a Full Install Setup.

      There may also be drivers you can not get for Windows as well depending on which version you are installing so that hardware will not work.

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        by ormy87 ·

        In reply to Hack No not really

        Thanks for your reply, will the microsoft disc work even though my Mac is so old and no longer supported by Apple? Would I have to do something in the boot menu or simply insert the disc when the mac is powered up? Sorry for all the questions, just new to the Apple world

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          Depends on what has been done to the unit

          by oh smeg ·

          In reply to Thanks

          You may have to enter the BIOS and change the Boot Order depends on what has been done to the thing by previous users but that is straight forward enough.

          As for will the unit install a Windows OS that all depends on it’s specs if they meet Windows 10 Minimum Requirements then not a problem though it may be slow if it is just above the recommended requirements of Windows.

          As for being old that is a matter of prospective I have a NB here that is used to plug into certain cars to run diagnostics and I might mention 40 ton Dump trucks from Mine Sites that works a treat runs XP which is not supported by Microsoft and just works.

          The new units do not have a com port on them so they can not have the Adapter attached and can not be used to fix those cars and trucks so it is kept going because without it there is no way to look at those cars.

          I have a similar problem with a Classic Car which is giving an error message which I can not diagnose mainly because the equipment to diagnose it is not so obsolete that no one knows any longer what it means and that is a relatively new car made in 1985. It’s going to be a very big problem soon as many cars of that era are getting restored now people want to keep them but fixing their Electronics is difficult.

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