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    Is there a job beyond IT for me?


    by gravelle ·

    I have been in IT for 25 years, the last 16 of which were in SAP technical support and programming. I’ve been unemployed since April ( RIF). I’ve read of people in a similar IT-laid-off position having to resort to things like retail. My problem is that I have MS and I use a forearm crutch ( standing for more than 1 hour is not possible). I just can’t figure out what else beside IT to do. Any ideas would be welcome. Thanks.

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      Don’t give up

      by gralfus ·

      In reply to Is there a job beyond IT for me?

      I was unemployed for a couple of years after being laid off from HP. But the market seems to be picking up again in certain aspects. I’m pretty sure that solid SAP skills are marketable today. Were you in the same position for that long? If so, you will need to learn how to market your skills in ways that are current and attractive to employers. Also, check into gov’t IT jobs.

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        Thanks for the ideas

        by gravelle ·

        In reply to Don’t give up

        It’s the “current” that’s part of the problem. The last 2 years at my previous job were in production support, with only new development being done by contractors.

        I will check into government jobs.


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      Remote Support

      by don dean ·

      In reply to Is there a job beyond IT for me?

      I just posted a message to a fellow named Jonathan about this largely untapped market for supporting regular Joe Schmoe’s who need help. (We all know just how badly trashed everyone’s computer are these days).

      As an addenum to that message (which I hope you will read), most of my time is spent doing remote fixes. Whether you choose to use thin clients such as MS-RDP (comes with WinXP), Citrix (the most efficient and thinnest of any remote tool), or even with the free versions of,, I’m confident that if you develop a list of clientels, you will be working in your underwear and setting your own hours. 🙂

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