Is there a program for Windows Vista that does what Dial-a-Fix does for xp?

By cdwright1 ·
My husband's pc runs windows vista (ha!ha!) He is experiencing dll/dns errors and can't access internet except thru one shortcut on his desktop for yahoo mail. I believe his pc is infected, and am working on that belief- his firewall was down. When I first attacked his problem, I tried system restore, but it didn't work- said there was a problem restoring one/more of his files. Then I thought dial-a-fix, but that's for xp. Norton says he's clean but I will try it again, I'm also going to transfer malwarebytes over and try to run that. But if there's a vista-version of dial-a fix, or if anybody has any suggestions, please let me know. Thank you, Cynthia.

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I've never heard of Dial-a-Fix.

by Ron K. In reply to Is there a program for Wi ...

A service for computer junkies! <br>

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Not that I'm aware of though I do believe that

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Is there a program for Wi ...

This application is being rewritten as we speak for 7 though I'm not sure if it will support the 64 Bit Versions of this OS.

You can try the Trinity Rescue Kit or the Ultimate Boot CD to repair this system. The Trinity Rescue Kit would probably be your best option to scan the system and it's available free just like the Ultimate Boot CD here


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This May Help

by willcomp In reply to Is there a program for Wi ...

How to reset winsock in Vista:

The author of Dial-a-Fix was working on a Vista version but I don't think it was ever released, even in beta.

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