Is there a program to find keywords (tags) in a variety of settings?

By ACT68135 ·

I am looking for a program that will (with a single click of a button)scan a page and locate the major keywords to help in tagging on my computer.

I would like the program to allow for me to scan a website or article without devoting the time necessary to read it all at the time but, save it for easy reference in the future.

I would also like it to be easily available in a variety of programs such as: Outlook 2007,Word 2007, IE7, and others that I'm just not thinking of right now. And for it to be able to add keywords such as client names, tax year etc.

One program that comes to mind in trying to describe what I want is the program Grammar Check Anywhere (and many other spell check programs). Click a single hotkey and the program automatically comes to the front and scans the page.

I have found programs dealing with meta tags but I don't think these fit my needs. I am certainly not a computer software or hardware professional so I may just be overlooking something with these kinds of programs.

The program could be freeware or pay for software, I just want it to do what I need.

Any ideas? I sure will appreciate any thoughts on this matter.

Thank you so much,
Mary Jane :-)

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