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    Is there a simple way to restore Vista’s default folder structure?


    by joelgayman ·

    I recently installed a new, larger hard drive in my Windows Vista Business laptop and decided to move my data (Documents, Favorites, Music, Videos, etc.) from my former, smaller system drive to my new logical D: drive to keep the data safe in case my system drive became corrupted or acquired a virus. But, while I was attempted to move the folder locations, the contents of my IE Favorites folder somehow got mixed in the same folder as my Documents and created a bloody organizational mess.

    Is there any SIMPLE way to recreate the old, default Vista folder structure, so I could move my files back to their default locations and then attempt to properly move them in the D: drive again, or is my only option creating a whole new user account to regenerate the default folder structure, moving my files into the appropriate folders in the new user account and then deleting the new account?

    Also, is the easiest way to move all my data folders just to move my user account name folder from c:\Users to D:\Users, or do I need to move each data folder separately?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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      by joelgayman ·

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      I don’t know of any way to put them back “easily”.

      by seanferd ·

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      You’d have to move them back manually. You should look at a reference folder structure in case anything else is mixed up. Otherwise, just select all the favorite link files and drop them back into the correct folder. There is no way for Windows to know what you want in a particular folder.

      Are you saying the folder structure is more messed up than the favorites links being dumped in Documents? Here’s a visual reference:
      which, of course, will not contain any folder that you had created, just the default special folders.

      No, don’t move your entire user profile without looking up instructions for this. It will leave you without a user profile and possibly a non-booting OS, and a lot of broken applications. This is not fun to fix after the fact.

      But did you move the Documents folder as a whole when this happened? If so, boo on Microsoft’s filecopy.

      This can help with copy/move operations, especially large ones:

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