Is there a site that advises current market prices for IT services?

By ageektogo ·
I've Googled this to death, but maybe I am not phrasing it properly. I have a midsized PC support co. here in Charleston, SC similar to Best Buy's Geek Squad. We are growing, but I don't know what to charge fairly for new jobs we are taking in like CAT 5 networking 2 computers in a new store. Cold calling my competition doesn't seem to work either. I'd appreciate any input from you gurus!

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Mutiple Steps

by rkuhn In reply to Is there a site that advi ...

First, decide on what you have to charge to cover your costs and make whatever profit you're looking for.

Next, look at competitor prices. Circuit City, Best Buy, CompUSA, etc all have them on their websites.

You can also call your competitors and be a "secret shopper". Act like you're seeking quotes for real jobs and just call around.

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More specificly...

by ageektogo In reply to Mutiple Steps

I ran Cat 5 through 80 yards of ceiling & installed 2 ethernet jacks at opposite ends for DSL connections, and then sunpacked and setup 2 computers and linked them together. the whole project took about 10 hours. What's a fair price to bill the customer for the labor? Just use my standard hourly (which is $90/hr)?

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My Advice

by rkuhn In reply to More specificly...

Stick to a fix hourly rate.

Now, that's completely conditional as well. Your hourly rate could vary depending on a number of factors:

What are your costs?

Are you trying to grow the business?

Are you more experienced or offer better service than your competitors?

I could go on and on.

And not to be negative or at least I'll say that I don't totally comprehend just how much work you did, but that doesn't sound like a 10 hour job.

If you sent out 2 people for that job, it could of been done in half that time, of course, you could have also billed accordingly though.

As a customer, I wouldn't expect a company to spend 10 hours on that job. I would expect it to be much shorter in time even if that meant sending multiple people out.

But again, what doesn't sound like a 10 hour job to me doesn't take into consideration the headaches that may have been encountered in that ceiling, the walls, etc or patching or not patching the PC's as part of the setup.

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geek squad is where to look

by CG IT In reply to Is there a site that advi ...

the geek squad charges $159.00 USD for a 2 comp network setup. Wireless hookup $60.00 USD.

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Thanks for the feedback, but Geek Squad's

by ageektogo In reply to geek squad is where to lo ...

charge of $159 dosen't cover fishing cat 5 through cieling and cable tapers down walls. I guess I'll just go with my hourly. Do you have any service contract examples I could see? I don't know how much verbage is too much, and I don't want to get taken for a ride by these Southern lawyers 'round here!

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Might Start Here

by rkuhn In reply to Thanks for the feedback, ...

Small Business Administration

I didn't see anything in particular to your line of work but you many get in touch with others that have already done what you are doing.

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by mrcheng In reply to Is there a site that advi ... might be helpful after coming with the job title/descriptions

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