Is there a software suit in Linux that is just a shared calender system?

By scottminnis ·
I am looking for a Shared calender only system not as a part of an e-mail client.

Thanks for the help.

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If I remember correctly, KDE has a calendar.

Not sure if you have to have the full KDE desktop, probably do, or at least some
of the libraries. Do a search for KDE apps, should be easy to find.

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Either Mozilla Sunbird or KDE KOrganizer

by breversa In reply to Is there a software suit ...

You may want to try Mozilla Sunbird : which supports CalDAV and WCAP. However, developmement has stopped since 2010 with v1.0b in favor of the Thunderbird Lightning module.

As for KDE, there is KOrganizer which is part of the larger Kontact/KdePIM suite but can of course run on its own. :-)

I'm pretty sure an equivalent exists for GNOME, but I'm not familiar with this desktop environment.

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