Is there a software that can translate a live talk into Indian languages?

By Rashmika_m ·
Asking for a non-profit in the multi-lingual country of India.

Is there any software which can do on-the-spot live translations?

For example, a project manager is presenting in English. She has an Indian accent when she speaks. The listeners are sitting at a remote location and do not understand English, but understand Tamil/Telugu/Assamese/Hindi or any other Indian language. Is there a software, which will, simultaneously translate the talk into an Indian language which would be heard by the viewers. It should also give users the option to change the language of the translation as per the target audience. Please do let me know. Google search is confusing and inconclusive. If possible, and if anyone knows, please also mention how such a software is priced.
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by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Is there a software that ...

I'm going with no because machine translation is unacceptable for the situation you noted. If you need this, hire a translator for the event. Or record the event and subtitle as need be.

Once you have your event a machine translation might be available on YouTube. I've used the subtitle/language translation there and it never comes close to the quality folk want for "events."

Remember this has been asked before and I will not duplicate past bad answers here.

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PS. Tutorial to AUTO-GENERATE SubTitles in 191 Languages!

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Is there a software that ...

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