Is there a way i can find out where an email came from?

By lizeth67 ·
I was wondering if you could help me. I was reading on some questions and answers and i was hoping if you can help me. My question is, how can i find out what city or state or area did an email come from? I did receive nasty emails and I kind of have an idea of who it might be but not sure if its anyone is San Antonio, Tx or Houston, Tx. is there a way? I'm not sure if you know what facebook is but i received msgs and theres no info like email address or anything. I do receive an email to my everytime someone sends me a message on facebook. so i went to my msn account and it said, So- and So has sent u a msg. now, i opened the email and i hit reply as if i'm gonna reply and this pops up as the return address, i guess u can say:

I'm wondering how anyone can even have an email like that. anyway, is there a way u can help me? or perhaps u can direct me to the best place that can provide me an answer? or i can find any info?

thank you for your help!

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Find Out Where an Email Came From

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Is there a way i can find ...

You can use several free online programs to trace an email and discover more information about where it came from. This will help you narrow down who may have sent the email as well as provide reporting data in the case that the email was an attempted phishing scam.

Try out the email trace program offered through IPLigence:
This free program is simple to use and provides you with the necessary email origin data within minutes.

Enter the source headers of the email you want to trace. The source headers can be viewed by changing your email's settings to show the original copy. For example, in Gmail, you click on "Show Original" at the bottom of the email's address bar. A new window will appear displaying the source code. Highlight all the text in this box.

Paste the source headers into the search box on IPLigence. You will then press "Submit" to have the website return the origin data to you.

Review the results of the email origin trace. The email trace engine will then return the IP address that the email was sent from, city, country, continent and time zone.

Find out where an email came from by the person's email address. Certain web programs don't require source headers to track an email. On
you can use its free or paid versions of an email trace program. Type the email address and find the sender's location once you submit the data. With a paid subscription, you can view the name and other details about the email account.

Hope this helps you out. :)

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Won't help

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Find Out Where an Email C ...

It was an automated response, so it's not the source of the nasty messages..

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