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    Is there a way i can push more performance on a Thinkpad t430

    by yeriatoo ·


    Is there a way i can push more performance out of my Thinkpad T430? So i gotten this thinkpad from my dad as it was his old work laptop that had a virus so i put a new installation of windows on and used it as my gaming laptop for a while and it was really laggy but i found that mobile/windows store versions of games dont lag as much, but i decided to switch it to linux becuase i had past experience with it, so i got a program that would run minecraft mobile version and it ran amazingly for about 2 years then about 2 months ago it started lagging hard so i done a fresh install and its still a bit choppy and i think its the cpu burned up or its the thermal paste or something i had done wrong, is there anything i can do to get more performance out of it untill i am old enough to get a job and buy my a fairly decent pc?

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      Just the obvious things

      by oh smeg ·

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      Check the hardware to make sure that nothing has starting failing something like the Ultimate Boot CD is good for this as it will test everything inside the unit one thing at a time.

      Then the more common things if everything is OK install as much RAM as the thing will carry and a minimal install of the OS so it isn’t working anywhere near as hard as if there was a full install not so much of an issue with Linux but keep the Data Partition Defragged it will make read and write operations faster.

      Also check the BIOS for things that may be wrong in there Note Books still have a CMOS Battery in them and they do go flat and need replacing and then when you reset the BIOS it may improve things depending on what the settings have gone to. Also check the CPU Throteling Temp it may be too low and slowing the thing down long before it needs to be. and also check the build up of crud in the Heatsink and Fan NB suck a lot of crud from underneath and this gets caught in the Heatsink and Fan reducing the airflow down and making the CPU run hotter than it should be.

      I always tell people to put a Cool Pad under any NB as it stops this from happening but some people prefer to destroy their NB every couple of years and buy a new one regardless.

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      Is it heating as well?

      by officialvibgyor5 ·

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      before I present any solution, can you tell me if it is heating as well? I recommend finding out the cause first… I am asking just because playing around with CPU or thermal paste isn’t a cakewalk and it might because permanent damage to your laptop.

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