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Is there a way i could trace a person on Facebook?

By twizted684 ·
Hey guys i have not i posted on here for awhile, but its ok just want to ask a question about social networking Facebook, recently someone has threaten me this is personal though but i don't mind posting it up because, this person claim i have something going on and i have a kid with them why is this person hurting others?? my question is how can we find out who this person?? i know can create a new FB profile and starting up things like this, i know there is a way i can find out who it is but the only thing about FB it does not show what IP this person is from and MAC address that they have, i know for a fact correct me if I'm wrong but i know MAC address are the same on that persons PC with the one on there real profile or PC, now what i need to know is if there is a software that can help me find out who this person is on Facebook, then i will contact authority on this person posing threats to me i do know is that I'm not the only one this thing is happening too also, alot of friends of mines commented me and said it happen to them too, now my biggest concern is why do these people do this? i mean I'm Majoring B.S. IT Security and i need to protect not only my privacy i also want to help others out also, i hope there is a software or something i can use to find out who it is, I'm looking for a free software that can help me a software only us IT people know thanks have a great day....

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Well speaking as someone who Does Forensic Recovery

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Is there a way i could tr ...

You need to maintain a Chain of Evidence. To do this you need to report the complaint to the Proper Authorities and allow them to do their investigation.

Passing on Information from at best a Unreliable Source will be construed as you setting this person up if and when it reaches a Court Action and you will be the one on trial by the Defense as causing this to occur.

However saying that if you have a child with this person I would hazard a guess that you already know who it is.


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Reponse To Answer

by markp24 In reply to Well speaking as someone ...

Hello Col,

Talking about Forensic recovery, what tools (if i may ask) do you find the most usefull (ie Helix, or some other linux variant made for this) specific individual tools, etc.

thank you,


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Reponse To Answer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Well speaking as someone ...

Mark honestly don't go there.

However it all depends on what you are doing at the time. Things like Helix and so on work well within certain limited ranges. My problem isn't so much the software that you use but Keeping it simple enough for the Legal Eagles to understand.

Things like Maintaining a Unbroken Chain of Evidence with the belief that everything you do is going to end up in a Court and you are going to get grilled the hell out of is a good starting point.

For Recovery I use a range of tools some Open Source some very Specialized and the tool that I'm using depends on the Job that I'm doing and just how far the Customer wants to push something. Though to be perfectly honest depending on what you find the Customers Wishes may not be very important in the end.

I remember one job that was simple should have taken a couple of hours and then a day latter I was in deep conversations with the Feds trying to explain how I had stumbled into one of their Ongoing Investigations without knowing where it was I was going. It's sometimes amazing what you find so you have to be very careful what you do and ask very long questions before going anywhere that was unexpected.

But to be Perfectly Honest the most used software that I use is Word Perfect and I document the Hell out of everything that I do.


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Couple of thoughts

by robo_dev In reply to Is there a way i could tr ...

While you can gather some information from facebook, it may not be enough to identify the person.

Typically you can determine approximate geographic location, by who their friends are, and even determine specific geographic location if there is geotag exif data in any photos they have posted online. Obviously if they post personal details or where they are, that makes the process a lot easier.

You can learn something based on what time of day that postings are made, such as whether this person is a student, or has a full time job.

Not to give a lesson on how the Internet works, but the mac address is not what you need, nor is that at all relevant.

An IP address MAY be useful, as it will be logged at Facebook. This will allow Facebook to see what ISP the user was using at the moment the subject posted a message or logged on.

But the IP address information is not something that you can determine from Facebook. There are no software tools to determine who a user is on Facebook, nor can you determine their IP address or mac address, as this information could be used to identify you, steal/falsify your data, or break your connection to the Facebook service.

The only possible method to accomplish this would be perform some sort of network attack or intrusion on Facebook or the Internet Service provider being used by the suspect...technical skill required: high. Probability of getting an all expenses-paid trip to a resort with terrible food where you wear an orange jumpsuit: 99.5%.

IF there is a case where a crime is being committed, then you need to contact law enforcement. They can issue a court order to obtain the provider information and logs from Facebook and/or the ISP.

You cannot do that as a private individual as it's not information that you have a legal right to obtain.

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School Project Question

by NetworkDiva In reply to Is there a way i could tr ...

I have to design and create a new network tracking system database for a fitness center that has eight locations. I must update their current computers which are five years old and add an additional three extra computers. The task also request for a lounge area for the gym members with wireless internet connection. Question: Can I choose a Cloud Infrasturcture instead of the previous infrastructures that would have been used in the past?

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Reponse To Answer

by Spitfire_Sysop In reply to School Project Question

This is a discussion about tracking people on facebook. Try starting a new thread with your question. Don't you know how forums work?

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Start with the basics

by Spitfire_Sysop In reply to Is there a way i could tr ...

You do not need an IP address or a MAC address. Facebook would not know the MAC address generally. If you are studying security you should look in to NAT and how a router works.

If you are being harassed you need to file a Police report. The Police can request information from Facebook that you cannot.

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I see orange in someone future

by dayen In reply to Is there a way i could tr ...

Turn it over to the police listen to these guys don't hack with out permission (Warrant) or Orange is in your Future, and for computer Forensic linux Backtrack is loaded with goodies
but still Word perfect and docoument like crazy will help keep you out of trouble and be honest stick to the facts, know when you need help and your out classed
P.S. know at least two good lawyers

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