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Is there a way to connect our DSL Line t

By jrainey ·
I am looking for a way to connect a DSL line to our network. We have a 12 port hub already and I don't want to add a computer just to run our DSL connection. What do I need to buy?

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dsl router!

by craig_vm In reply to Is there a way to connect ...

I would suggest one of the following type of products. (low cost)
or (more expensive but good firewall capabilities).

Good luck!

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One solution

by dzwinck In reply to dsl router!

Or you can install windows network connection sharing (not exactly sure of wording). Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs -> Windows Setup.

Good luck.


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DSL into the hub

by rhicks In reply to One solution

You can hook up a dsl modem right into your hub, just about any hub can work. I used a 3 com 24 port hub to hook my dsl up to and I have a client that I hooked the dsl line that they had into a links hub (cheapo hub from office max). Your dsl accesswill be dictated on your internal network configurations on your PC's. You should use a router in order to keep everything private. Call your ISP to find out what router they recommend for the service that they provide. (some dsl lines require a dial feature - common with bell/verizon)

Good luck!

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DSL to hub connection

by dlindber In reply to Is there a way to connect ...

I have used NetGear RT311 router and it work very well. Cost is approx $140. The router acts as both a firewall (NAT) and a DHCP server. Setup is extremely easy, and service from the vendor is execellent. See for discription and specs.

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Go with either a NAT box (router) or

by jodyc In reply to DSL to hub connection

put a second NIC in a workstation and plug it into there. If the workstation is Win98SE, or Win2k (Perhaps WinME as well) , you can install ICS. Internet Connection Share. It is fairly easy to setup and will allow everyone on you LAN access to the Internet. A word of caution, it wants to change your IP address scheme to 192.168.0.x and being the IP address of the ICS machine. If you don't want this change to happen, then better off with a NAT box.

Good Luck


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2nd Nic Card

by mganz_911 In reply to Go with either a NAT box ...

add a secound nic card if you are using Small Business Server 4.0 or 4.5 or NT 4.0 you can add a proxy server to handle the internet access

Good Luck Mike

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Forget DSL Routers and Second NIC's!

by rzan In reply to 2nd Nic Card

Just plug your DSL Modem into the uplink port of your hub, or use a crossover ethernet cable if you don't have an uplink port. Depending on how your ISP assigns IP addresses (I use Verizon DSL which uses DHCP assigned IP addresses), you should be able to install the DSL connection software on all your PCs' connected to the hub and go online without a problem. If you are worried about security, then you can go ahead and buy the DSL Router/Firewall. I stick with the cheap solution and use Network Ice to firewall my machine from port scans and DoS attacks. Haven't had any problems since.

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DSL Sharing

by tnscMatt In reply to Is there a way to connect ...

There are products like Midpoint ( that allow you to share connections. On the machine with the dsl, you would add a second nic. One would go to the dsl, the other to the local lan.
The other pcs would have that machine as their gateway.

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Why buy equipment when OpenBSD is FREE!

by _sig In reply to Is there a way to connect ...

The way that I prefer connecting networks to the Internet via DSL (or cable modem, or what ever) is via a computer (the old one in the corner no one wants will do) with dual nic's running IPF on OpenBSD. This allows you to hide near unlimited PC's behind a single IP address (bandwidth providing :). Not only does it provide you the security of a very robust firewall, provide all of your PC's access to the Internet (controlable by you), but OpenBSD is FREE!

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