Is there a way to convert an omni directional wifi antenna to a uni-directi

By TheYuuki ·
Im trying to extend the range of one of my cisco APs. Im told that "pointing" the signal can lead to a significant boost in range, and id rather not **** 1k on another cisco antenna.

Any feedback and advice would be appreciated.


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by TobiF In reply to Is there a way to convert ...

Some direction you may get by adding some kind of reflector about 1/2 wavalength behind the antenna, and possibly mounting a 5% shorter parasitic element in front of the antenna.
Look at for inspiration.

I like your approach, since a lot of people unsidedly want to raise the AP output power, which may get a bigger area to hear the signal from the AP, but since it doesn't raise the sensitivity of the AP's receiver, it wouldn't help much.

(BTW, some mobile network operators do the same trick, they use high output power to create a "good signal" all over the place, in the basement etc. But if the phone can't reach back to the network, then no calls can take place, and you can't use your phone, despit 5/5 on the signal strength bar...)

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by TheYuuki In reply to Hrrm

Thanks for the advice.

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by seanferd In reply to Is there a way to convert ...

White cardboard reflectors as TobiF describes are good as well. A cantenna is more omnidirectional, though.

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Either make your own yagi antenna or a parabolic reflector

by robo_dev In reply to Is there a way to convert ...

I've tried cantenna designs, but they do not work well on top of an ordinary dipole antenna.

For a dipole antenna, such as the 'rubber duck' antennas you see on most APs, a parabolic reflector works very well to do some signal shaping.

I have made one of these and was able to gain several DB on a WLAN bridge connection. Enough to go from 2MBS to 11MBS.

Parabolic reflector plans:

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Pick the solultion which best fits your situation

by dldorrance In reply to Is there a way to convert ...

Below find a google search of TechRepublic articles on this subject by Michael Kassner. The very first link provides some fundamental information about the different ways antennas focus and enhance signals.

Then peruse the remainder of the articles for a solution which best fits your situation and requirements.

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