Is there a way to do a virtual machine on a CD?

By kpzdnet ·
My preference would be a virtual machine running from CD. Is that possible?

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Yes it's possible but it would require a lot of messing around

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Is there a way to do a vi ...

And you'll need to understand that the Optical Drive is going to die very quickly. All Optical Drives rely on LED's to generate the Light used to read/burn the disc's and these loose intensity over time realistically about 1000 hours. When this happens at first the drive will be unable to burn a Disc provided that it could to begin with and then it will degenerate to the stage where it can not read the Disc. Also because it is on a CD it will be up to 1000 times slower to access the CD than it would be on a HDD and that is why Virtual Cd's are so popular.

However what would be required is the ability to write directly to a CD from the OS and then instead of installing the Virtual Machine to the HDD chose the CD as the destination Folder. This is not something I have ever done so others here may have a better explanation of what is involved and how to do it.


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Everything is possible, but....

by Seonix In reply to Is there a way to do a vi ...

It's surely possible, but certainly not feasible. It's about as easy as running your native OS off a CD...not very.

Why would you possible want/need to run a VM on a CD anyway? It would be so much easier to run off a flash drive if you were forced to not use a hard disk.

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