Is there a way to install Proofing Tools from Office 2003 to Office 2007?

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I am quickly learning Office 2007 was a BIG mistake! I am just happy I was smart enough to stick with XP PRO! But school is using Office 2007 so I needed it-got quite a steal on Office 2007 Ultimate, so it made it "seem" worth it.

But I really need German proofing tools! And if I am not mistaken it was included in 2003?? And is there a way to install them off that CD and actually have them work in 2007??

I see I can buy a Language Pack but I do NOT want to change the UI!!! I only want spellcheck, grammar, thesaurus etc...and for $25 it's not worth it for a Language Pack!!!

I also heard they will be selling a Multi-Language Proofing Tools Kit with 50 languages and 3 CD's...

I ONLY NEED GERMAN!!! I would love to call Bill and tell him what an idiot he is!

Anyone know if I can pull this off without f*** everything up? Anyone successful in this?

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by TheChas In reply to Is there a way to install ...

Here is a link to a less than clear Microsoft page.

What I cannot find is any product information for Proofing Tools for Office 2007.

Here are a couple of downloads that may or may not help.

Here is one about deploying Proofing Tools with the resource kit.


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Using Office 2003 proofing tools, with Word 2007

Office is supplied with a limited set of proofing tools, the choice of which depends on the region where the product is sold. Additional proofing languages must be bought separately. However for those users who upgrade from Office 2003 and who had purchased the Office 2003 proofing tools set, if you use the facility in the Office 2007 setup routine to upgrade Word 2003, then the additional Office Proofing Tools will be retained and the proofing tools will work much as they did before (albeit with a few anomalies listed later).

If you have un-installed Office 2003, including its proofing tools, it is possible to add them back after Office 2007 has been installed.

To do this install Office from the Office 2003 installation disc and select a Custom Install

Clearly if you wanted to keep Office 2003 applications, such as Word 2003, alongside Office 2007 (see ) then you should not have un-installed Office, but allowed the Office 2007 installation routine to take account of your preference.

Next, install the Office 2003 proofing tools:

Now remove Office 2003 from the Windows Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs applet. This will prevent Microsoft Updates from updating the whole of Office.

Open Word 2007 (or any other Office 2007 application). This will integrate the Office 2003 proofing tools into the Office 2007 application.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
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