Is there a way to restore my Windows 2000 Professional?

By de9liteful ·
My computer screen had an error message.
The dynamic link library VERSION.dll could not be found in the specific path C:\WINNT\system32;.;C:\WINNT\system:C:\WINNT\system32;C\Wbemjc\program files/

The Part that follows after the files/ is the different programs...quick

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Yes there are plenty of ways of Restoring W2K

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Is there a way to restore ...

But I'm not sure that's what you need here. There is something missing that is preventing whatever it is from starting and that needs to be replaced.

It could be something as simple as reinstalling the Program which will allow all the remainder to work or it could require a Repair following the steps here and your M$ Branded Install Disc:-

If you are getting this error message before Windows Opens you have to follow the directions in the M$ Knowledge Base Article but if Windows is opening just reinstalling FF may cure the problem.


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something puzzles me here...

by SmartAceW0LF In reply to Is there a way to restore ...

This path given in the error, is this to be interpreted literally or is it something you typed in and may contain typos? Specifically, a couple of issues off the bat are this, 'C\Wbemjc\program files/'
1.) There is no colon following the C
2.) The / at the end of Program Files should be \
3.) Now this is the one that puzzles the most. A quick search of WBemjc with google reveals a single page with that string. And other than the results relating to this particular post of yours, there is only one real hit. That hit has nothing to do with a software company. To be quite sure, there is usually nothing in front of C:\Program Files\. Can you repost the exact error message you are getting? Would go a long way in troubleshooting this issue.

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Could be TR reformats

by TobiF In reply to something puzzles me here ...

TR will do strange things to certain combinations of characters in posts.

We all realize that if you'd have an occurrence of colon, directly followed by a right parenthesis, then this would be replaced with a smiley.

But, since some html is allowed here, it doesn't stop with smileys. Thus you sometimes get (not so) funny results when you post code etc.

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version.dll should be in /system32

by seanferd In reply to Is there a way to restore ...

If you look, is it there? If so, try registering the dll. If not, pull a copy off the installation media and drop it in the directory.

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