Is there a way to uninstall Windows 10 and replace it with Windows XP?

By lulubird96 ·
I am setting up an older laboratory instrument and it needs to run on a specific software. This software is compatible with Windows XP, but the computer I would like to download the software to has Windows's 10 OS. If I could run both operating systems and choose which one the computer boots each time, that would be ideal.
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Re: XP

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Is there a way to uninsta ...

You can't uninstall an OS. You can only delete it and then install another one that, in effect, overwrites it. The alternative would be dual-boot on the same disk (but then you would have to add Windows 10 to Windows XP, not the other way around), or install XP on its own HDD.
However, it's rather unsure if Windows XP is compatible with your current hardware. If not, you can't install it natively. But you can try.

An alternative would be to install XP in a virtual machine running under Windows 10. However, it's unsure if a new install still can be activated. It might be necessary to start with a freshh virtual machine every now and then.

It would be much easier if you can find a used machine still running XP, either natively or in the virtual XP mode offered by Windows 7 Pro.

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Small world.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Is there a way to uninsta ...

A little over a month ago a client paid to have XP clean installed on an older laptop. We can't install XP on newer PCs for many reasons so I take it you already know those issues and have a PC that is old enough to run XP.

As Kees noted you don't uninstall OSes. You can wipe drives clean and install the OS with that caveat that the machine supports the OS well enough for your needs.

1. The biggest hurdle would be if this PC can install and run XP at all.
Why this matters is a new PC may have nothing but SATA drives. I find that folk forgot XP doesn't install to such today. Nod to

2. Next is that you may find the USB ports are inoperative and again no XP drivers.

The hurdles continue and is why I would install XP in a virtual machine like Virtual Box and adjust as needed to gain access to the usual USB ports.

3. And finally I have run into clients that claim the software is XP only yet it still works on Windows 10. It's best to never debate it with them but go back to the lab or desk, set it all up and then call them back for a demo to see if it's OK now.

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by lulubird96 In reply to Small world.

Thanks for your response, that is very helpful information!

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