Is there a Windows 7 compatible (and free) replacement for CARDFILE.EXE?

By DelbertPGH ·
My XP machine went up in a cloud of electrons, and I bought a powerful new box to replace it. However, the new box runs Windows 7, and Windows Cardfile, which I've been dragging around with me since Windows 3.1, won't work under Windows 7. It's a 16 bit program, and Windows 7 wants 64 bit or 32 bit only.

Cardfile is simple. It's an emulation of a Rolodex's function, with a simple text search added. You create a new card for each topic and give it a title, and record phone numbers, hints for fixing problems, anniversary dates and names, and so on. Then you can look them back up by either glancing at the title lines or doing a basic full text search against all the cards. You're limited to about 16 40-character lines per card. It does very little, but that covers 90% of everything, and since it's unstructured text, it is very adaptible. And, it's fast to use, with no rules and no fields, apart from the title.

Nothing in Windows replaces it. There is a note card function in Outlook, but the designers made so many tie-ins to other Outlook features that it's an ordeal to use. My company uses Lotus Notes, anyway. (Notes. Barf.)

Is there a free 64-bit version somewhere, or anything free that does an equivalent job with equal ease?

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by DelbertPGH In reply to Try this one....

This is a $30 program that, as a feature, reads cardfile databases. I'd rather not, thanks.

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by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Try this one....

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Or, try this one maybe...
Express Notes

I just thought of another option...if you have Win98 or Me, I think you can
get the cardfile.exe from those, and being 32 bit, they should run in Win7 64

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cardfile unter win'7 x64

by fritz In reply to Is there a Windows 7 comp ...

I still use "card32.exe", packaged with Win-NT4, on my 64bit version of Windows 7 Ultimate.
The font "Lucida Console" offers best readibility.

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by twobarnetts In reply to cardfile unter win'7 x64

Sheesh, I just spent an hour digging around through my old school stuff and found my Win-NT4 installation disk, complete with key. But I can't figure out how to find card32.exe... can't find ANY exe files, except setup. I've forgotten everything I learned 10 years ago in school, but seemed to recall it wouldn't be a good idea to actually install NT on my PC without partitioning it, which I don't remember how to do... can you offer any guidance for just pulling the cardfile off the install disk?

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Go WEB - Evernote

by plumley In reply to Is there a Windows 7 comp ...

Evernote is the solution - access independent of physical system

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@ twobarnetts

by seanferd In reply to Is there a Windows 7 comp ...

The NT install disk uses the cabinet files to contain the installation files? One of the low numbered files should contain a file Layout.ini (there might be a couple of these with incremental numbers as well). Search the layout.ini for card32 to find out which cab it is in. You may have to pull out and expand the file from card32.ex_ to card32.exe.

Otherwise, view each cab in Explorer and look for it. Or from the command line,
extract /d (cabfile name)
to list contents.

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by DelbertPGH In reply to @ twobarnetts

I've downloaded Cardfile programs from a couple of Internet sites, which alleged them to be 32-bit versions, but they were only 16-bitters that got included with other O.S. releases. XP, NT, and other O.S.s create a 16-bit space that allows the obsolete program to run, but Windows 7 doesn't do that any more.

When I google "card32.exe" or "cardfile32.exe" I don't find any Microsoft products in the results. Makes me suspect the 32-bit version of Cardfile is a myth.

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@ DelbertPGH

by seanferd In reply to Is there a Windows 7 comp ...

No, nothing comes up on internet search (at least not in a time-reasonable perusal of results). I wouldn't know if there is a card32.exe in NT4 as according to Fritz. I only know how to find files on Windows install disks. (Again, I don't know NT4, so if the file packaging is different than a flat layout or cab files, I've got no advice on how to find the purported beast.)

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