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Is there an age discrimination against the young IT Managers

By vncoder ·
I have been searching for an IT Managing position (Sydney, Australia) for the last 6 months. However, I have no success of getting an interview. I was stupid enough to decline an offer about 8 months ago for a position because I wanted to stay back at the current company. Regretting on my decision, I decided to search again but this time I got no success at all.

I was a Software Development Manager for 3 years and an IT Manager for 2.5 years for a team of 14 staff within a national company in Australia. I have a bachelor degree, a master in computing and a MBA. I believe I am qualified.

Some of the replies I got back from the recruitment agencies:
"You are over-qualified. They want to grow someone".
"You don't have experience in SAP/ Virtualisation/etc/<INSERT TECHNOLOGY HERE>"

I went to many seminars and conferences, all my peers are in the mid-40's and above. I am in my early 30's only.

Most of the vendors I deal with were expecting a mid-age person on the other side of the line/email when they first contacted me.

So, is there an age discrimination against the young IT managers? Or, am I missing something?

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RE: Is there an age discrimination

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Is there an age discrimin ...

If anything I would say there is an Age Discrimination against Older People as IT is a Young Persons Game so the older you are the less likely you are to get hired.

But to your question you have been told that They want to grow someone

Which reads as They are Tight A$$ and don't want to pay the money required to get the proper staff.

You are over-qualified

This one is probably more valid and can mean that they are Tight A$$ and don't want to pay the necessary salary Or your have the right qualifications but at the higher end of their explications and are unlikely to stay put for very long. So that place will just get to a stage where you are useful to them with their systems & processes and you'll leave for greener pastures leaving them out of pocket.

You don't have experience in SAP/ Virtualisation/etc/"

This is also probably true and the positions that you are applying for with these companies are far more specialized than is the normal to meet their needs.

But that is just a general outline of what is possible there is of course the need to take into account Individual Companies HR Staff and their own Prejudices when it comes to employing individuals in what is considered as Super Responsible Positions.

Right at the moment times are tough and even with the low unemployment in AU companies still have their choice when it comes to who they employ. What you have to look at is what is on your CV from the time you left the previous position and now as if it's nothing that doesn't show that you are a go getter just someone willing to sit and wait.

There are way too many variables involved in attempting to answer your question though but it's generally better to show that you go get what you want not sit and wait expecting someone to come begging to you. Even if that involved going back to school and learning something new or doing Volunteer work in your field to keep fresh in what you want to do. :)


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