is there an app to increase the recents call list on the iPhone 4

By outofbalance ·
I am trying to increase to number of recent calls that the iPhone keeps track of. I have searched everywhere I know where to search but cannot find out what the limitations are on the recent call list. I even called Apple support yesterday, and they said their technical manual did not give them what the "limitation" is. I even asked them if there was an app for that, and they could not answer me. I usually make or received at least 90 calls a day, and I can remember my old Sprint phone had well over 4 months of recent call activity.

I am using an iPhone 4 with iOS 4.0.1 with ATT as my wireless carrier in the US, if that makes a difference.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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does this only work on a "jail broken" iPhone

by outofbalance In reply to Does this help?

I tried to find iclarified on the iTunes app list and was unsuccessful. I am assuming that means that this app will only work on a jail-broken iPhone. Do you know of anything that I can get from iTunes that will work?

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I try my very best

by NexS In reply to does this only work on a ...

To avoid iPhones, iPads, iAnything.

I found this in google and thought i'd share it.

Perhaps you'd do well to do the same.

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SIM card

by TobiF In reply to is there an app to increa ...

In the general GSM specification, call history is stored in a file on the SIM card.
However, not all handsets follow the standard. I don't know about iPhone. But the fact that apple's people don't seem to know the limit might indicate that they in this case actually do use the GSM spec.

Still, even if the handset usually uses the SIM location for this information, it might be possible to write an app that would keep track in parallel (and have a memory like my wife :) ) It might be hard to get it approved by apple, since it would be working with rather sensitive data from the phone corner of the functionality.

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