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    Is there an easy way to re-install programs?


    by ciggy ·


    I have a slightly odd problem and am wondering if there is a simple solution. I like to re-format my harddisk on a regular basis, say about once a quarter. Re-installing all my programs (and the OS) is pretty time consuming and boring. I’m wondering if there is a simpler, automated way I could do it so I would not have to be sitting in front of the PC and it would go on by itself? Given that after the OS has been installed, most of the other stuff, drivers and software are avaliable on a seperate partition? Any suggestions?

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      by pgm554 ·

      In reply to Is there an easy way to re-install programs?

      Why not just create an image of the base install system and when you get bored ,reinstall the image.(Powerquest or Ghost work fine)

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        You didn’t mention

        by guruofdos ·

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        your OS, but I’m assuming 9x or ME. Why not copy the CAB files to a CD-R and add all your drivers and apps to the CD? Use more than one CD if necessary, and then edit the BAT files or OEMSETUP.INF to create a custom installer. This is what most companies like Packard Bell or Compaq do to create master restore CD sets. There is plenty of info out there on customising an OEM install, adding specific drivers or apps and pre-installing settings such as DUN accounts, desktop and menu setings and even username and passwords!

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        by hnielsen ·

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        The only reason I can think of for what you’re doing is to compensate for head misalignment due to wear. It would be simpler and faster to run SpinRite by Gibson, it does a more thorough format than the operating system, then run a defrager…h

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      Delta File

      by mrbill- ·

      In reply to Is there an easy way to re-install programs?

      Powerquest has a program for creating a Delta file. After you reinstall your operating system load the deltafile program set up some parameters, the delta program prescans your system then you load your programs. When that is done the Delta program rescans your system and creates an executable file that you can then save to a CD. The next time you reformat your system, install OS, then run the executable off the CD. It will install the programs you had before, with the original settings.

      The quicker way would be what pgm says and make an image that you can restore at any time.

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