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Is there any application to get breathalyzers in Canada?

By bepleasedto ·
I'm curious to know about any app for Android and IOS that can be used to get life-saving breathalyzers in Canada. If any of you know about it, kindly let me know.

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Don't forget

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to Is there any application ...

You don't just need a phone application. You also need an additional, external sensor attached to the phone.

There are phone applications that estimate your blood/alcohol threshold based on factors such as weight, sex, age, how many drinks were consumed and how far apart. These applications are not a substitute and would not get you out of as DUI if you were pulled over by law enforcement.

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Can you expound about "life saving"?

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Is there any application ...

Breathalyzers are not in the medical testing arsenal to determine if so much alcohol was consumed to be life threatening.

As to the usual use of breathalyzers, that subject is well done and even if you were "under the limit" for driving why would anyone get behind the wheel because they were "under the limit." Get a ride home or plan ahead.


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You may try it

by rupalyakterbd In reply to Is there any application ...

Recently, I have downloaded an app called NYC Corp Road & Driver Safety. The apps seems good, I think the app will be helpful.

You can check it for a moment if you want.

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