is there any best optimizer ??

By Patrick Cooper ·
hi all,

just wanted to know any best optimizers i have not formatted my PC for last 2 years and i don't want to do that..!! Asking for only those bcoz my PC freezes a u guys plz tell some gud ones ..!!

Thanks. :)

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by TobiF In reply to is there any best optimiz ...

You always optimize WITH REGARDS to something.

So depending what your needs are, the result and the way may be different.

However, if your computer "freezes" often, then your optimal solution may be to first address this problem, which may have many causes, like:
- malware and viruses,
- leftovers from previously installed programs,
- memory errors,
- harddrive problems,
- incompatible drivers,
- low memory

In order to get more detailed help from anyone, you'd need to give a bit more details on your problems.

(Some bright person may even say that the optimal solution would be to wipe and make clean install, change to a different OS or even buy a new computer... <i>and</i>, depending on your situation and budget, that could even be true...)

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Also the amount of free HDD space

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Errr

Is very important as well as the OS in use here.

It's impossible to suggest any software to do anything which may or may not be useful when we don't know what OS this is to be used on.

But if it's some form of Windows you need at least 15% free HDD Space to allow the system to work sort of correctly. Ideally I would suggest having more than 20% Free Space if not more and ruining Defrag at least on a semi regular basis.

You can use Ultra Defrag which is better than the one supplied with Windows and it's free here

This is used to Optimize your Hard Disc Drive on all versions of Windows. But there are numerous other things and ways to Optimize your System depending on what it is you want to do.

I however would be looking to fix the current problem first before trying to make it perform better. So what OS, Anti Virus do you have installed?

What Malware Scanner do you have?

Also if you are using some form of Unix/Linux you do not need to Defrag the File System as these OS's do not fragment their HDD.


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is there any best optimizer ??

by Ronnied Stevert In reply to is there any best optimiz ...


You can use a good PC optimizers and there are lots of available...such as Ace Utilities , Systemcare , Advanced System Optimizer, to make your computer faster...all works well..& as u want clean, defrag , scan for regs...i use this one Advanced System Optimizer..which can definitely help u in those prob dat u r it has loads of features.. like..
Registry Cleaner : for scanning distorted regs.
Registry Optimizer : for optimizing regs.
Disk Tool.
Disk Optimizer.
System Cleaner : for cleaning junk of PC.
It also has some other useful features..
i m using it for regular maintenance for my laptop.. its a best tuneup tool i used so far..! i haven't face any prob..after using this application..!!
my laptop's booting time reduces from 5 to 2to3 min.!!

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i have found that

by Snuffy09 In reply to is there any best optimiz ...

diskmax works well -

cleans temp files
does registry scan
defrags HD
Cleans windows cache files
and more
all with one program

good luck

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...and I have found that...

by PESK, mbcs, mcse, mcitp, sts In reply to i have found that

...Iolo's System Mechanic ( is just absolutely brilliant! the only optimising solution I have actually ever paid any money for. That, and that cream I bought that promised to... Anyway, I digress.

Having said that, seeing as you haven't tried any Windows fixes, maybe you'd like to give them a go first. Here's a few olden-goldies.

1. CHKDSK /P will check whether you HDD has any errors and attempt to fix them. I would never run this more than once if you have any errors, though!
2. MSCONFIG. However, I'd rather SysInternals' AutoRuns to show what processes are running and gives you the ability to suspend them or even delete them altogether.
3. MS Disk Defragmenter. "C:\defrag C: /H /M" will defragment volumes C: and in HiGH priority and in parallel in the background.

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