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Is there any hope ???

By ljperez03 ·
I just recently graduated as web developer. I am having a rough time breaking into the field and trying anything to get some expirence in the field. If anyone has some useful information please let me know.

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What is your cert?

by rob In reply to Is there any hope ???

What did you study? What languages did you learn? Four year degree or cert classes?

Have you done any projects? Do you have any background at all in IT?

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What is your cert?

by ljperez03 In reply to What is your cert?

web programming. html, javascript, dhtml, css, VBScript, asp, xml and database tech. it was a cert class. one project an order entry site and no background in any IT fields

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show your skills

by Pills In reply to What is your cert?

The best way to prove what you can do is make some sites, you may also want to join some forums, e.g at macromedia they also have a jobs posting forum, join in discussion and answer questions if you can, you never know where a job offer may appear from.

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I agree - show your stuff!

by eBob In reply to show your skills

If you can't find a job at it (for now), find a couple of community organisations that need a website. Maybe your local Scout Troop, conservation organisation, Audobon Society, whatever. Offer to build them a site and to get it up on an affordable ISP.

Then you can try hitting up some local small businesses, because now you have a portfolio.

Oh, and of course, you have your own website which, among other things, shows off some of your skills.

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Same boat!!!!!

by chinahope In reply to Is there any hope ???

I just graduated with a 4.0 gpa in Networking and it's frustrating trying to get in the door. ****, I'm willing to sweep floors.

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Keep on going

by jacmari In reply to Is there any hope ???

I'm going to be graduating in a month! Yes, Finally!! I already have a job lined up. It's a temporary position, but I'm willing to take anything to get my foot in the door. I'm still working on showing exactly what I can do. I'm working on a portfolio to show employers, and they really do take the time to look at it. Well, some of them. I'm also working on my web site, and placing all the projects I have done on it.
You'll get a bite soon enough. You just need to keep trying and be able to sell yourself to them.
That's my advice. Good luck!!

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by WildIrish In reply to Is there any hope ???

Didn't Mindspring just sign an outsourcing agreement with Sprint?

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