Is there any piece of hardware capable of testing a faulty motherboard?

By djfrankn ·
Hi. I was wondering if there's some kind of hardware that I could use to test a Motherboard so I can detect if is whether functioning correct.

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Not really the M'Board makers have their own Test Rigs

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Is there any piece of har ...

Were you place a M'Board into and it takes readings off the solder points on the back of the board. Naturally each different M'Board has a different test rig and these are quit expensive and not made for home or even Country Distributors testing purposes.


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P.O.S.T. Card

by TheChas In reply to Is there any piece of har ...

While it won't diagnose a motherboard down to the component level, a POST card is the best tool for in system diagnostics.

It can confirm that the motherboard is indeed bad or let you know what other hardware is locking up the system and stopping the POST process.

One resource is:

They have other products to assist system builders and support techs.


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Chas is right

by CG IT In reply to P.O.S.T. Card

POST cards.

I have a POST card from PC Wiz and PC Clinic software. Both are well worth the price "IF" you repair computers for a living. POST cards and diagnostic software are not cheap but they will tell you whats wrong.

Often the price for these items are far more than a brand new motherboard, so check out the pricing, then what a new motherboard will cost and compare [try newegg.com for motherboards].

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