Is there any simple hardware solution for multiple computers to a tv?

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I currently have three groups of users who need to be able to hook up machines to a single HD TV in a meeting room. The issue is that one group uses Mac laptops, which can connect via a HDMI port, the second group uses PC laptops and a docking station, also wired to HDMI as well as a few USB devices, and the third group uses an old PC hooked up to VGA. All three users need to use the USB webcam. Can anyone recommend a hardware solution that will be able to simplify this? I'd like to have it set up so that no cables need to be unplugged to prepare for meetings, and everyone can still use the TV's functionality, without sacrificing the need for a webcam, which rules out wireless projectors. Though the simplest solution is to set a rule that only one group can use the meeting room, but this is not realistic of me to do. Can anyone offer some helpful suggestions?

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Not sure what you're looking for here....

by robo_dev In reply to Is there any simple hardw ...

There are video switchers that can accept multiple inputs, VGA and HDMI at the same time.

Thus any user could plug their laptop into a cable from the switcher...however the TV probably already has multiple inputs, so the only reason to get a fancy and expensive switcher is if your users are unable to switch video sources on the TV remote control.

USB devices just would use a USB hub of some sort, but if the need is for a mouse/keyboard, then a wireless keyboard/mouse is a better option.

I don't see how using a webcam would rule out using a wireless projector?

Products like Javs Actua do automatic source selection, but that is waaaay overkill for one conference room with a TV

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I too am unsure of what you want to achieve here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Is there any simple hardw ...

The bit that I got lost on was

I'd like to have it set up so that no cables need to be unplugged to prepare for meetings

There would always been a need to plug or unplug cables from the Apple and PC NB I suppose that they bring their own NB's and don't rely on one already there.

But if they have the Apple and PC NB already present or at least the PC Docking Station and everyone has a PC NB that will work with the Docking Station all that would be required on the PC NB side of things is having the Docking Station setup and waiting for them to stuff their PC's on it.

As Apple doesn't have Docking Stations for their NB's that's not an option so there would need to be a HDMI Lead to plug in and Unplug each time the Apple NB is set in place or removed.

The Old PC would have to be a permanent fixture so there shouldn't be any need to plug or unplug it.

So here I'm assuming that the Apple NB's would plug into 1 HDMI Connection the PC NB's/Docking Station would plug into another HDMI Connection to the TV and the old PC would also have a Permanent Connection to another Socket on the TV.

If that's the case all that should be required is to use the Remote Control supplied with the TV to switch Inputs.


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