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Is there any software to convert any live CD ISOs to bootable USBs?

By Healer ·
Those ISOs which are not Linux live CDs or Windows operating systems.

There are heaps of applications to convert Windows operating system CDs/DVDs to bootable USBs for installation. However I am looking for software that would convert any ISOs to bootable USBs. There are also quite a few for Linux distributions but I am after those that can deal with the ISOs like BartPE, UBCD etc. I understand some software provides a USB edition but most don't. I have tried xboot and those using linux loader and they don't seem to work properly for non-linux system. I have tried HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool but it does not work with ISO.

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Yes. Iso to Boot

by nchanthu In reply to Is there any software to ...

From the microsoft Windows 7- USB toolIt is very useful.

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by Healer In reply to Yes. Iso to Boot

I have tried this tool, Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool, unless you are referring to a different one. I had it downloaded and installed on my system. It says the ISO I try is not a valid ISO. I am trying the BartPE at present. I read all the information on the net. It all concerns converting Windows operating system CD/DVD to USB.

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Another option is Unetbootin

by gdburton In reply to Is there any software to ...

This is a worthwhile download for many people.
It is primarily aimed at Linux Live USB operation, providing route to download and build a bootable USB versions of many distros.
However it is also very capable of generating a bootable USB build from most .ISO files of non-linux sources too.

I have been using it regularly to over 2 years.

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by Healer In reply to Another option is Unetboo ...

I've just downloaded unetbootin-windows-575.exe and tried with the BartPE ISO. When it boots it says invalid or corrupt kernel image.

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by korro In reply to Is there any software to ...

try YUMI,,, its a freeware, can make bootable disk from many different iso's, both linux or windows...

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by Healer In reply to YUMI

This seems to be a great software in that it is more versatile and provides multi-boot.

It wasn't successful with the two BartPE ISOs I put together. I have tried those listed in the YUMI and I have had mixed lucks. Those seem to be okay might take very long to load.

By the way what is the difference between "Try an Unlisted Iso" and "Try an Unlisted Iso (Run from RAM)"? Does the former mean loading on to the hard disk whereas the latter loading on to the memory? I used these two options when I tried the BartPe ISOs.

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by nchanthu In reply to Is there any software to ...

First you download Demon tool lite Software .Then you can Convert as Windows 7 to ISO file format. After that You use Windows 7 USB DVD Download. It will be Success

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Reponse To Answer

by Healer In reply to yes.

Thanks for your help.
What I want is to install any bootable ISO into a USB, not so much of Windows operating system. At the moment I am trying to install the BartPE iso I have put together into a USB. I am still unable to get it to work.

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ISOtoUSB is the best

by hakim.rouabah In reply to Is there any software to ...

Download it on I use it many times. Just to say That some USB key Will not work, i don't Know why.

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Reponse To Answer

by Healer In reply to ISOtoUSB is the best

I've just downloaded and tried the ISOtoUSB. I tried the ISO of BartPE I'd put together. It wouldn't work and the status was error.

In fact it says that "Bootable, only supports Windows bootable ISO image." I suppose I need to check this option in order to make the USB bootable.

Am I right to say this software only works with Windows operating system CDs/DVDs?

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