Is there any way in Excel to color a cell proportionally?

By borrim ·
I would like to be able to color a cell proportionally. I would like to say "color 75% of the cell" or "color 36% of the cell". I realize I can make very thin columns, remove borders and simulate the idea, but for what I need to do, the time would be excessive. Any ideas?

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I've seen a 'fill pattern add-in' for Excel charts, but not for the cells

by robo_dev In reply to Is there any way in Excel ...

the only really weird way you could do this would be to create a striped jpg file and set it as the spreadsheet background....

of course it would not line up when you changed cell widths.

So create the sheet the way you want it, select it and copy to MS Paint. Save it as a jpg and make that your background (format>sheet>background)

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colors in excel cell

by borrim In reply to I've seen a 'fill pattern ...

I was trying to avoid adding layers or graphics to the sheet, but thanks for your reply.

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This might help...

Please post back if you have more problems or questions.

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colors in excel

by borrim In reply to This might help...

thank you for your answer. while it didn't solve my question for percentage within the same cell, it offered a lot of information I can use elsewhere.

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Cheap bar graph

by TonytheTiger In reply to Is there any way in Excel ...

use the ASCII 219 character (hold down ALT and type 219 on the numeric keypad). You could put, say, 10 of these in a hidden cell then reference the entire string with LEFT(string,x) with string being the location of the hidden cell and x being the percentage of a current value to a maximum value, and the bar would be of a length to the nearest 10%. If you want more granularity, put more characters in the hidden cell.

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multi colors per excel cell

by borrim In reply to Cheap bar graph

Thanks! this is exactly what I was looking for and it works beautifully.

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colour cell proportionally and display value

by dbhatoa In reply to Cheap bar graph


I came across your thread located at:

I have a sheet with lots of % values and I'd like to display the cell value and colour the cell accordingly, i.e. if the cell value is 19.44% I'd colour 19.44% of the cell yellow.

Please can you explain the process a little more

Your help would be much appreciated.

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For that kind of granularity

by TonytheTiger In reply to colour cell proportionall ...

you'd have to have a 10,000 characters-wide cell, and put in 1,944 characters in the cell. That's probably not feasible.

If it were me, I'd use a 20 characters-wide cell, each character representing 5%, so 19.44% would round to 20%, which would be 4 of the 20 characters.

If you send me a private email, I'd be happy to attach an example back to you.

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