Is there any way to extend free 90 days period of windows 10?

By brittany1587048571 ·
I heard there is a way to extend the license period of windows 10 for another 90 or 180 days using a cmd prompt or something but I can't remember it now. anyone aware of such tricks?
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a little late, but..

i do not know of such a command. you can try three options-

---Go to and copy the text that is there. Make a text file and copy that text into the document, and click file-save as-and then click on where it says "text document (*.txt)" and change it to "all files". Then save it as whateveryouwanttoputhere.cmd. That should do it, but it might not.

---Just look for product keys online. Eventually you will find a valid one, although be prepared to possibly go into the 10th-15th page result in Google.

---Just buy Windows.

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