is there any way to make the 32 bit OS reads large amount of RAM?

By Kerah ·
is there any way to make the 32 bit operating system read larger amount of RAM?

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~3.25 Gb

by seanferd In reply to is there any way to make ...
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Any 32 Bit OS can read up to about

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to is there any way to make ...

3.25 or there about GIG or RAM. Doesn't matter which OS it is that is all the RAM that it can Address.

Though with a modern Dual Chanel RAM M'Board you can install 4 GIG in a 2 X 2 Gig configuration to get the best possible performance. Though whatever is above the M'Boards Chip Set Limits will not be made use of.

If you want to address any more RAM that this you need to use a 64 Bit OS and there is no way around this. It is to do with the way that 32 Bit system address the RAM.

So here your answer is No there is no way to increase this limit. Though if you want to address more than 2 GIG of RAM all you have to do is install it on a suitable M'Board.

May prove useful to read.


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32-bit with PAE can access up to 64GB RAM

by carlos In reply to is there any way to make ...

PAE = Physical Address Extension

Major versions of Linux (including Ubuntu 10.04 and Fedora 13) have the ability to include versions with PAE, that allow for 32-bit OS to access up to 64 GB of RAM, in essence making the 32-bit function *like* a 36-bit system, while allowing the normal function of 32-bit version programs.

Windows 32-bit systems have an equivalent system called "AWE", but doesn't seem to be widely installed or usable (?).

With Windows, it is better to install 64-bit directly and access all available RAM above 3-4GB, which also allows 32-bit applications to be installed and execute in conjunction with 64-bit programs using WoW64.

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