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Is there anything wrong with a BAAS degree vs BS degree for an IT major?

By hou17 ·
My aim is to be able to land network administration jobs that require a bachelors degree. Would it even matter if the degree is BAAS (bachelors of arts and applied science) vs BS (bachelors of science). I know that the BS is more well known, but with the BAAS I should be able to transfer more credits and get my degree faster. Wouldn't employers only care that I have a bachelors and not that its BAAS vs BS as long as its in my career field?

I know that most IT jobs can be obtained simply by having experience and some IT certs on your resume even if the job ad calls for a bachelors degree. So am I right in thinking I'll be just as good with a BAAS degree? Just a side note, the BAAS degrees that I found are all regionally accredited programs at state universities.

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subjects are what matter

by john.a.wills In reply to Is there anything wrong w ...

Are the subjects within the degree relevant to network administration? That I think is the key question for most hiring managers, many of whom would not know what a BAAS degree was (I didn't untiI I read your question). But the actual title of a degree does not mean much: there are BA degrees with more science than some BS(c) degrees. At Oxbridge, all first degrees are called BA, regardless of content.

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I Don't Think...

by info In reply to Is there anything wrong w ...'re right on that score. Usually, if the job requirements call for a degree, you NEED a degree, although it doesn't matter what it's in, unless it's explicitly specified. The only way around this is if they're more general in what they're looking for and either list alternate accepted credentials, or say, "...or equivalent education, training or experience."

The BS definitely looks better, as would a BCS. If you're not looking into anything all that high-powered, and you're going to be getting a degree ANYWAY, I would recommend that you get a BBA. Although the 'roots' of IT are the same, they'll always need support techs and network people, those positions are being slowly frittered away to off-shoring and out-sourcing. The mid to high-level IT jobs, the end game, are changing what they're about. The focus is more on what you can make IT offer the BUSINESS, and that requires understanding the BUSINESS side of things. So you can talk their talk and show how you can improve the bottom line. If nothing else, it'll allow you to more easily converse with any accounting departments you have to support!

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