is there anyway for people to run a game of my computer via internet

By halookatyou ·
hi, im 14 and i was wondering is there anyway for people to access a multiplayer java game from my computer via internet - i have done this over a LAN (local area network) is there a way that will work.?

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YES a LAN is only a Local Area Network

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to is there anyway for peopl ...

You can do the same thing with what is a WAN Wide Area Network by just logging onto the Internet and playing the game but instead of searching locally on the LAN you need to have the different players pointed to your Internet Connection to do the same thing.

Of course the higher speed Internet connection that you have the better that the game will play. And if you have a Broadband or Cable connection and leave your computer running 24/7 it's possible that it can be taken over and become a Bot for other peoples use that can range from sending spam to criminal activities all of which the person who owns the computer & Internet Connection will be responsible for.


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how do i "point players" to my internet connection?

by halookatyou In reply to YES a LAN is only a Local ...

ok, if you can please can you help me on how i can point players to my connection.

this would be great thx adam.

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Well the easy way

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to how do i "point players" ...

Would be for you to Host the game and then invite others to join in just the same way as is done over a LAN.

Of course you would need their Internet Address and the like but the principal is exactly the same as over a LAN.


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Network safely

by Tig2 In reply to Well the easy way

Go to and download the free version of Zone Alarm firewall. Make certain that all of your players are using it. It is a free programme that will help to insure that your group is safe from the nasties on the net.

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please can i have some steps on how to do this

by halookatyou In reply to Well the easy way

i am confused as how i would link people directly to my computer over the internet you have told me how it would work. but, please can i have a few steps on how to set this up. :) adam

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Well a lot depends on if you know the people or not

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to please can i have some st ...

What you need to do is go on-line and then host the game as you would over a LAN and then invite your friends to join in. This should involve sending them some form of message and asking them to join in the game and most games support this option from inside them though they may not link to the OS Address Book.

If you want complete strangers to join in that is a lot harder and requires quite a bit more than just a computer with an Internet connection as you need a Hosted Web Site that is well known so others can join in. If you go this way you'll need to keep the game running 24/7 and then you'll need to instigate some very serious security on your computer. Then there are licensing agreements to consider as well.


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