Is there anyway to get to my window xp, other programs off my old hard driv

By DarcieMock ·
I had a dell computer that died but the hard drive is fine, I installed windows xp on and other programs, I would really like to use. My cd for windows xp is in storage six states away. Can someone please tell me how to get my programs on a different hard drive and dual boot so I can use my other programs? Or someway to use my programs? I built a new system with Vista 64.

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Issues and Concerns

by TheChas In reply to Is there anyway to get to ...

First, there is software that can move installed programs from a running computer to a different running computer.

There is no practical way to extract most programs from a hard drive and have them run on a different computer.

The issue is that when a program installs, files are placed in more places than just the programs folder. There might be shared files, system files, and there will be registry settings to be concerned about.

To make things more involved, you would be moving from Windows XP to Vista. Many required files and registry settings will be different.

Then, there is the issue of the software licenses. Any software that came with the computer likely has an OEM license which ties the license to the original hardware. Legally, you may not be allowed to transfer some of your software from the Dell to your new system. You stated that you installed XP as an upgrade. Even with a retail upgrade copy of XP, you still need a valid licensed copy of an older version of XP to install the upgrade.

Then, as to dual booting. Dual booting is easiest to set up if you install the operating systems in order. Not saying that you cannot install XP after Vista. Just that it takes more work and if you don't perform all of the steps correctly, you may need to reinstall Vista.


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Thank you for your answer.

by DarcieMock In reply to Issues and Concerns

I don't want any of dell's programs, I don't want to break any laws. I just want the programs I put on the hard drive, instead of paying for the program all over again. I know that I would have to update all the drive files. I wish someone could help me. Thank you. darciannsmith@live.com

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RE: "..paying for the program all over again."

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Thank you for your answer ...

Why would you be paying for the program again?

If you paid for them in the form of a download, you should be able to download them again for free based on your previous payment.

If you bought the original install discs, you're home and (still) free.

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Purchased Software

by TheChas In reply to Thank you for your answer ...

If you paid for and installed software on your old system, you should have the CDs and license keys. You can just reinstall the software and be all set.

If you downloaded the software, you should have saved the installer on your hard drive. In that case, you can install the old hard drive as a slave and retrieve the installer file for the programs you need to install.

If you do not have a CD or installer file, contact the software vendor. They may offer you the newest version at a discount, or allow a new download for a nominal fee.

Either way, make sure to keep copies of your software and product keys on media other than your primary hard drive.


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Just make the old Hard Drive your primary drive

by jdclyde In reply to Is there anyway to get to ...

After you update the drivers, (if compatible) it would be the old system in a new case.

That is your EASIEST way to handle it.

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