Is there free pocket PC application to display h.264?

By roni.segoly ·
Is there free pocket PC application to display h.264?

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I haven't tried it, but...

by TonytheTiger In reply to Is there free pocket PC a ...

[Added: I might be interested though... how small are the files? I currently encode an episode of Babylon5, for example, at 624x358 (plays in small (208x160) or large (320x240) mode of the built-in media player) coming in at 40-45 meg file size using Windows Media Encoder. Quality is almost good enough for PC monitor... certainly good enough for PocketPC.]

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Ha, but I have tried it

by roni.segoly In reply to I haven't tried it, but.. ...

That's the tool I am using till now, but they took out some codec, probably to avoid licenses payment, so when you run h.264, for example, it say explicitly that it is not supported. I recall in the past I got error messages about Audio not supported. I had some 'less crippled' version of it, but I cannot find it any more, and prefer legitimate (but free player).
The formal TCPMP tool lacks some functionality.

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