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    Is there software which can use noise level to trigger a shut down?

    by stewartdt

    Greetings everyone.

    My 13 year old son likes to play fortnite, forza, minecraft etc etc which I am usually more than happy to allow but he does occasionally get frustrated when things don’t go his way and quite often gets downright angry and vocal.

    Usually a stern word is enough to temper these outbursts but seeing as he is only 13 his rationale is often that ‘of course he should shout, the 12 year old he’s racing against cut him up going into the corner…’

    But it got me wondering if there was a way of using software linked to the microphone input level to trigger a system shutdown?
    I’m sure there would be initial complaints but I expect he’d soon learn to adjust his outbursts.

    There are of course hardware versions which literally cut power to any connected appliance but I don’t want the pc shut off that way which is why I thought of tieing it to the microphone but without needing a full audio suite or comparable utility, I just need something that triggers the shutdown and can be adjustable to account for ambient noise.

    If anyone knows of any such software or can put me in touch with someone who could write ( for a reasonable price) such software I’d be immeasurably chuffed. Not sure my son will be though…

    I expect there would likely be commercial interest for such software from parents across the world so if it doesn’t already exist I’d be amazed.

    Thanks for reading everyone

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      Sometimes a parent just has to be a parent…

      by Wizard57M-TR

      In reply to Is there software which can use noise level to trigger a shut down?

      instead of relying on some “techno-nanny” software, next time he has the outburst, take the game away for a period of time (24 hrs worked quite well when my boys were about that age). Many times just one day without the game would be enough to get my point across…they KNEW that I meant it when I would let them know if they continued in the inappropriate behaviour I would sell their game(s), console(s) and that would be the end of it.
      Now that they are grown, if they want to scream into a microphone at their home, so be it. Funny, the younger boy has 2 daughters and he utilizes my technique! Maybe there’s something to be said for parental discipline?? 馃槈

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        by stewartdt

        In reply to Sometimes a parent just has to be a parent…

        I asked a software question in the software section of the forum of a purportedly and eponymously titled ‘Tech’ website.

        I thought, if anywhere, I would get a straight answer here, not: ‘I have nothing useful to contribute so let me instead grasp this opportunity to judge and insult your parenting’

        I asked for a solution, not an opinion and certainly not anectodal musings.

        I did not come here to get drawn into pointless and irrelevant bickering, but it needs saying that as a ‘moderator’ of this group has somewhat abused that position to instigate a quarrelsome environment with unsubstantiated accusations (even though the the rules of this forum suggest personal attacks are prohibited), then it seems I am in the wrong place: One of us is, clearly.
        The reply indicated the moderator’s children now have their own children. If I ever have a question about EDSAC, I’ll know who to ask.

        If anyone can actually answer the question I originally posted, I’m still interested in real replies.

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