Is there transcripction software that works offline?

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I'm looking for software that can transcribe automatically offline a conversation between two people.

I'm doing therapy and I record the therapy sessions. Very often it's useful for the therapy to transcribe these sessions. Unfortunately doing this takes me an awful lot of time (about eight hours per session). There are programs that transcribe voice recordings automatically and produce a decent result. However, all the programs I've seen until now work online, they require you to send them the recording. This is a no-no for me, my therapist doesn't want these recordings to be shared with anybody, no matter how good their privacy policy might be.

That means that my requirements are:
1. Acceptably accurate transcription software (it's ok if it makes mistakes now and then).
2. Works offline.
3. Can transcribe a conversation between two people.

I haven't managed to find a program that meets these three requirements. Is there any program that does this?

Follow on question: If the answer is no, what are some tips to reduce the amount of time that it takes me to complete these transcriptions? For the record, I type at about 200 characters per minute, so improving my typing skills wouldn't help much in this sense.
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