Is this a HDD issue?

By pdelaguardia87 ·
When I power up the PC it boots normally and runs through POST with no problems. But in about 10 seconds after starting to load windows it simply goes dark and stops working (it doesnt shutdown) but the HDD led continues to work sporadically. I tried bringing the BIOS to default, running the last known configuration and going in safe mode, and still nothing happens, in safe mode it stops when loading one of the drivers. So i came to the conclusion that probably its the HDD. If anyone thinks the same or has another opinion please advice.
Thank you very much.

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Could be the HDD

by robo_dev In reply to Is this a HDD issue?

What make of hard drive?

There are some very good diagnostic apps from the drive manufacturers.

If there is valuable data on the drive, it should be backed up either by booting an alternate OS via CD, or by installing the drive in an enclosure and attaching to working PC.

For example the Ultimate Boot CD will let you boot from CD and then run disk diagnostics and data recovery.

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Which Driver and which version of Windows?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Is this a HDD issue?

Does the System use here and which Driver is the last shown as loading?

It could be something as simple as a driver error and yes in Safe Mode this does happen.

I also agree you should use the HDD Makers Testing Utility to test the correct function of the HDD. You can get your HDD Makers Testing Utility here but you'll first need to know who made it so you may need to look at the sticker on the HDD.

The correct way to use these Testing Utilities is to test the HDD in the computer it's currently fitted to and if it fails that test remove it and retest in another computer. If it fails the second test the HDD is on it's way to Silicon heaven if it's not there already but if it passes the second test the M'Board, Data Lead or Power Supply in the original computer is faulty.

If the HDD Maker is not listed at the above link use Seatools from Seagate to test the HDD. These type of Utility run independent of the installed OS and are used from a Boot Disc so any Corrupt Software can not adversely impact on the test.

If the HDD passes the initial test use the Ultimate Boot CD to test your Hardware it is a very good free diagnostic tool.


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I dont think its the hard drive, I think its a driver issue

by markp24 In reply to Is this a HDD issue?


This really sounds like a driver issue, im tempted to say video card driver, but your best bet is to test everything, try running a live cd like ubcd4win ( to what was mentioned in above posts) you can look thru the event log of the PC 's window sinstallation and see what may be failing, Sysinternals also has a boot time diag program , but not sure it will work in this case.
to confirm the hardware is ok, then you can run diags on the hdd from there as well. I would also suggest trying to boot the system in safe mode, remove the Video card driver , setting it back to VGA (or what ever driver you think is the issue) and reboot in normal mode.
One other thing you may want to check is the video card resolution isnt higher than what the monitor can handle. (this would cause some monitors to go black as well.)
see if it works, if it does, you found the issue

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