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Is this a paid ad?

By Oz_Media ·
ZDNet's, What you need to know before deploying VoIP.

It is sponsored/furnished by a VoIP equipment manufacturer, and they also collect your email addy etc. so they can call your business or send email repeatedly through their dealers telmarketers around the country. I know because I've worked with an Avaya dealer as a market development mgr.

Avaya usually sells this info to their dealers. The better dealers get the better leads.

"Note: This premium editorial content is underwritten by Avaya. The registration information you provide will be shared with our sponsor."

Registration includes a lot of information!


It is 100% purely biased from the get go. I KNOW several of Avaya's BSM's and they are just as bad as any used car salesmen around, as are most in the industry.

It's like having a HOW TO BUY A TRUCK article sponsored by Ford. How much help is that?

I have seen the ROI statements from these companies, NEC says they are unique as they show better ROI than Nortel's BCM, NOrtel's BCM shows better ROI than NEC's NEAX etc. Either way you learn nothing, but how to look at a market though tinted glasses that only show the benefits of the dealer providing the ROI numbers. You guys MUST be able to do better than that.

Why not some UNBIASED industry research?

Or at least head the topic as : Avaya's ROI sales pitch and be honest about it?

Don't turn TR into a bad magazine full of ads, sure it gets sponsor money but I'd rather see a site with less info than one with more money from ads at the users expense.

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hey Oz

by Jaqui In reply to Is this a paid ad?

take a chill pill.

not that I disagree ( I actually agree ) but that if you know beforehand that the 'cast is sponsored by specific company you know it's nothing more than a sales pitch.

there still may be some worthwhile information in it.

as for the spam generated by one of the "partners" that's a nice little legal issue, you don't have to register, and they do tell you they sell the information, so it isn't really spam. ( you register knowing, then you agree to get this crap ) I'm not going to view it.

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You have a point

by Oz_Media In reply to hey Oz

IN the same sense, look at the sidebar for related audiocasts.

"What you need to know before deploying VoIP" (ZDNet)

It doesn't say;
"Avaya's buying tips, preparing for VoIP" -Avaya Telecom.

The lead in article says;
"Overview: After crunching the numbers and weighing the benefits and risks, you've decided to swap out your old PBX for a VoIP system. Now comes the hard part: designing and deploying a solution that will deliver the fastest ROI for your enterprise. In this webcast, we'll provide practical tips on how to roll out a VoIP system and we'll tell you what pitfalls to avoid. "

Does this not APPEAR to be an informative article written by ZDnet or TR staff? Practical tips?

Just not very straight up. I forget where I saw the Avaya explanation, nothing's working from my contact info pages (my discussions etc.) so I am just loosely browsing around. It did end up on a page earlier that explained it was by Avaya's reps though.

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by Jaqui In reply to You have a point

that's what set you off.


I'm not looking at voip right now, so not going to look at a voip 'cast.
( already researched the tech through google )

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I said the same thing about white papers

by stress junkie In reply to Is this a paid ad?

Some months ago I wrote a post very similar to yours in the downloads feedback forum. I can't justify having TR share my work telephone number and address with advertisers. Currently those items are not in TR's database. I take a dim view of TR's policy for using personal information for white paper downloads.

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Well it's so much that

by Oz_Media In reply to I said the same thing abo ...

But when you go to the webcast in question you give the right to AVAYA to use your info specifically, which is lame. TR, I use an online Junk mail acocunt for, I just pick the Netnote out when it's there, I get a heap of online spam and just let their filter do most of the work.

Haven't heard from a telemarketer since the mid 90's.

But while they are quite clear on their information release policy when you register, they are not clear on how one sided, biased and misleading this audiocast will be.

It's like them having ME do an audio cast on the state of the war in Iraq or President Bush's ability to be president or something!
Then titling it, The State of the US in Iraq, or Learn about President Bush in this informative audiocast. (oh come on, you'd LOVE to hear it!)

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Right on about honesty and being up front

by jdclyde In reply to Is this a paid ad?

I don't mind listening to a vendor do their pitch as long as they are honest with me about what it is.

If you try to treat me like I just fell off a turnup truck, you can be fairly certain I will not be doing business with you or your company.

I understand fully that TR is a business and businesses one goal is to make money. Don't let a money grab scare away the people you want to get money from.

Keep the ads honest and up front, and you will get more response from them. Start misleading people and they will never come back.

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