Is this a power supply issue??

By rstevens40 ·
I'm having an odd problem.

Recently I have had times where my system just shuts off in the middle of use as if it was suddenly unplugged. In addition, if I place the system in Standby mode and leave it alone for an extended period of time, the only way I can bring it back to life is to jiggle the power cord connection into the power supply. Neither hitting the keyboard or even pressing the power button on the front of the case will revive it. If I remove the power cord and then replace it, the system does not wake from standby, but instead reboots as if from scratch.

However, if I place it into standby and then try to revive it without leaving it alone for an extended period of time, just hitting the keyboard spacebar brings it out of standby.

I have replaced the power cord and confirmed that this is not a heat-related shutdown problem (my system is water-cooled and the CPU, an Athlon 64 X2 4800+ shows a temp around 38 deg celcius...)

Running XP SP2 with 2 gig ram.

The power supply is a PC Power & Cooling 510.

Any thoughts?

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500 watts not enough

by mjd420nova In reply to Is this a power supply is ...

Most X2 processors need more power and with 2GB ram, it would be close to maximum. Most power supply ratings are at max levels and not continous ratings. Get a bigger P/S with a rating of 600 or more to insure you're getting the power you need.

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Maybe I need more juice??

by rstevens40 In reply to 500 watts not enough

I figured that 510 was more than enough... but maybe I'm wrong. Here's my total setup:

Athlon X2 4800+ CPU
2 BFG 7800 GTX in SLI
Coolance 750 Watercooled case
3 hard-drives
2 optical drives

I've upgraded components since my original purchase of the PSU.

Question though: assuming not enough power... would it manifest itself by instant shutoffs? Why only sometimes?

Before I swap a PSU (which is a pain), I just want to be sure,

Thanks for the help!


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by Absolutely In reply to Maybe I need more juice??

New video cards consume a lot more power than their predecessors.

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by internetspider In reply to Is this a power supply is ...

Your system sounds like it hangs, maybe there is a hardware problem, what u do that turn off power savings and screen savers, also from Bios, and then check ur system. it hangs or working properly.

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1. That is exactly how the system should behave when you do that.

by Absolutely In reply to Is this a power supply is ...

"If I remove the power cord and then replace it, the system does not wake from standby, but instead reboots as if from scratch."

Also, you should not do that! Sleep & standby are supposed to consume small amounts of power, but not zero. If some experiences with a laptop computer have led you to expect to be able to unplug your desktop computer, remember that your laptop has a battery that can power the entire system; desktops don't. (*)

The response of your computer to "jiggling" the power cable is odd, and may suggest that the connectors on the back of the power supply have been bent so that they don't make consistent contact with the cable. It does seem more likely, though, that your system is just underpowered. Unless you find the pins so much that it's easy to see the damage visually, I'd just try to RMA the thing, and ask the company to let you pay the difference for an upgrade to 600+, like the other guy suggested.

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Laptop power supply

by rhbuch In reply to Is this a power supply is ...

I have power supply problem on my Dell Inspiron 600m laptop. It started with occasional spells of flicker on the screen. Suspecting bad adapter socket connection on the mother board,I reinforced the socket terminal connections. This did not help. Now the front indicating lights come on at the start but go off after sometime; power does not get to the mother board. The laptop however works on battery, but not on mains power. The battery does not get charged. As the battery has now gone low, I have stopped using the laptop.

The problem seems to be in the circuit between main power supply socket and battery terminals. I searched and searched for motherboard power supply schematic, but failed.How does the battery get charged? How can the battery be charged when not in the computer?

Any tips, I will highly appreciate.

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