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Is this an IT function?

By hbombvi ·
Here's my issue. Recently I got into a war of words in the workplace over a report cover. Some people seemed to be under the impression it was something I should be doing because I'm IT. My response was that considering I've lost two of my personnel and I'm stuck managing ALL our IT issues I didn't have the time and besides, I was only volunteering my time on the cover since it's not a function of my office. You'd swear I shot somebody. Fortunately the big boss was cool about it.

Well now we've got a new big boss and I want to make my case to her that IT should be a separate entity from all the other divisions. Right now my direct supervisor doesn't know a thing about computers or networking but she insists on trying to call the shots.

Anyway, I want to make it clear what kinds of things I should and should not be handling. For example, I shouldn't be called to adjust an Excel chart every month but I should be able to provide basic training on using Excel.

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It all depends

by JamesRL In reply to Is this an IT function?

I'm often called upon to do some things outside of my regular job. To be certain, you have to be sure that your supervisor has the same vision for whats included in your job and whats not.

If its something outside of the bounds, and you have time to do it, why not - it never hurts to do favours, and some day you may need one yourself.

But if you are not able to do it without pushing some higher priority IT function back, then its clear you have to explain your priorities.

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I wish it were that simple

by hbombvi In reply to It all depends

Unfortunately what is considered a priority around here changes daily. In this particular incident they wouldn't allow me to travel to a location that had networking issues that resulted in the whole building not having Internet access. Apparently the report cover was more important.

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Business needs

by Brenton Keegan In reply to Is this an IT function?

All depends on the business needs. I see IT's overall job is to assist the business needs with technology. People can skew that by thinking it means "dealing with computers" and incorrectly assume any role that involves doing something on a computer besides checking email is your job. That being said, it is your job to analyze the process and the needs and see what solution works best. If they are trying to stick you with updating a spreadsheet, I'd analyze why. Perhaps there are some flaws in the process that makes it cumbersome or perhaps it's a process that can be automated all together.

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I know why

by hbombvi In reply to Business needs

Editing the spreadsheet is not a difficult task. I've shown her how to do it. She's seen me do it. I've explained how to do it.

There's a proverb about teaching a man to fish. Clearly she doesn't want to learn. As long as she's my supervisor she's content that she can just have me do it.

Communicate this to her? Not an option. She's a my way or highway type. I have to make my case to her superior and have IT removed from her office. If I can't get that done, I'm seriously considering walking.

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That personality is not easy to work with...

by cmiller5400 In reply to I know why

As far as her calling the shots, you may not be able to do much other than give her the rope to metaphorically "hang herself". If too many bad business decisions are made by her, she may put her own head on the chopping block.

But as in any case, I'd have some physical CYA "evidence" (such as e-mails) stating that you disagree with her decision and she overrode your authority/advice.

Best of luck!!

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Funny you should mention that

by hbombvi In reply to That personality is not e ...

She's really bad at keeping tabs on email. I find myself almost constantly forwarding old email to her to prove that I did in fact inform her of certain things.

There was this time she went straight to our email reseller and had her delete a bunch of accounts. I warned her that she should check or with the division directors to be sure those addresses weren't in use. She ignored and here I am 5 months later still restoring some of the accounts she had deleted.

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Time to update your resume?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I know why

If you can't tolerate the working conditions, you know what to do.

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by hbombvi In reply to Time to update your resum ...

I've actually already started but I still want to have that conversation with new management to see if this can be salvaged. I really love the job I just hate the red tape and the micromanaging.

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An "old" trick from a different industry

by Tigger_Two In reply to Probably

A hundred years ago when I was in nursing school, they taught us to never consider taking a role without being given a Scope of Practice document. Generally, you needed to not only receive a copy, but also sign off that you had read and understood it.

When I left a role several years ago, one of my tasks was to create a statement of work to communicate to the next person what would be expected from them in that seat. I took that opportunity to communicate to management just exactly what I had been doing and discovered that they honestly didn't know.

If you are planning to communicate this issue with upper management, take a moment and document what YOU think your job is... and isn't. Add in things like maintaining this spreadsheet. Where possible, include the percentage of time you actively spend doing the tasks that are associated with your role today.

By presenting management with this information, you strengthen your case for requesting additional man hours or a move to another department where you can be relieved of the extraneous tasks in order to avoid the costs associated with hiring additional IT people.

Spreadsheet maintenance should be an administrative task in my opinion. Administration dollars are different from IT dollars. Management might be very interested in looking at taking those tasks off your plate and putting them in a more appropriate place, thus maximizing your IT hours.

Of course, they may decide that things are working fine as they are. In that event, you need to be willing to follow through and move on. At least you will have a jump start on updating your resume.

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This wouldn't be...

by cmiller5400 In reply to An "old" trick from a dif ...

This wouldn't be the MIA TiggerTwo...

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