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Is this bullying? Am I protected?

Got a guy, he relieves me sometimes, he won't talk, is short and curt, threatening type behavior. Have had trouble in the past, he has threatened physical violance against me, he has told lies to get me fired, in fact I was but union got my job back, we have small shifts, 3 people, none of His shift will give me a good turnover, I have complained about the turnovers not being good enough, supervisor said if it is in the log it doesn't need to be said, but they have a sign that describes how you are to be for shift turnover. He picked on an older guy till he retired, now he picks on me, I am older, he was fined by the Union for lying, asked not to go to certain Union halls for meetings because he ran people down, If something happens, like once he sat in a chair, of about ten, that had water in it, demanded and got an investigation into it, his demeanor is threatening, his actions threatening, he flies off the handle to people, is a control freak and honestly, I hate relieving him, when he relieves me, he comes in two minutes till, won't even come near to talk, will talk to everyone else, in fact the whole shift does not talk to me. Since he has made these threats in the past, he actually killed an animal and left it for me to find, I am a animal lover, on company property, I really really hate to be anywhere near him, Can I complain to someone to get relief?

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And this is related to technology how?

by cmiller5400 In reply to Is this bullying? Am I p ...

I sympathize with your situation, but for yuka-yuka's sake call in the Police. If he killed an animal that is a crime in itself (in most area's at least). If he threatened you with violence or death, that is a crime. Again CALL THE POLICE. If none of the above works, and your Union won't stand up for you, a visit with a lawyer may be in order. You should NOT have to put up with someone creating a hostile work environment like you describe. He has a right to be short and curt (no law says a person has to be bubbly and full of smiles all the time) but once it progresses beyond that to threats and actions, it becomes a whole different ball game.

Best of luck to you.

PS: You may want to add a tag for off-topic on your post.

PPS: I'm not a lawyer and this advice is worth absolutely nothing and should be taken with a grain of salt

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prolly not

by PurpleSkys In reply to Is this bullying? Am I p ...

maybe you should find a different company to work for

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