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Is this goodbye?

By apotheon ·
TechRepublic appears to have changed the form of its email alerts for discussions to which I've subscribed. This has created a few problems for me, in large part because of the interaction of the facts that:

A) I use email alerts almost exclusively as my point of entry to TechRepublic.

B) The change was poorly handled, from where I'm sitting.

The problems with how it was implemented, as I see it, are the following:

1. I don't remember any announcement that the formats of the emails would be so significantly changed. I had no idea I was about to start getting such almost unrecognizably different email alerts.

2. Every single one of my subscriptions defaulted to (X)HTML emails in the new format, despite the fact that my email alerts had previously been delivered with plain text so that I could read them easily in my text-only email client setup (which, by the way, provides excellent protection against malicious code in emails). The only way to change the alerts to plain text was to mark them as plain text and submit the changes, one individual discussion subscription at a time. I'm subscribed to hundreds of discussions, and they don't seem to be in any kind of logical order that would help me pick out the most important discussions first (or even the most active).

3. The organization of the new format for email alerts is atrocious for purposes of parsing quickly and making decisions about what to read at the site. The full text of replies appearing in my inbox slows down my ability to deal with discussion activity to a point where it's effectively impossible, and assumes that I have a photographic memory for the context within which a given reply might appear.

I have never found the on-site tools for keeping up with discussions very useful for me. Now, the email alerts are suffering the same problem. I sent a message via the "Site Help & Feedback" page, to which I have not received a response. Of course, this may simply be a function of having encountered this problem with the beginning of the weekend, but I ultimately felt it was necessary -- because people have already indicated to me that they wonder why I haven't responded to discussions here at TR -- to say something publicly to explain my current, and possibly long-term, absence from TR discussions.

Jaqui, who many remember fondly here, was "forced out" by the fact that TR requires JavaScript on many pages of the site now, thus causing him to make a choice between continued participation in the TR community and using the software he prefers -- and now I'm facing a similar choice, except that in my case it's a choice between continued participating and having any time left in the day to do anything else, unless this problem is only temporary. The relative value of the two options that seem to be available to me should be fairly obvious.

Hopefully I'm not overlooking an obvious solution, and hopefully this isn't goodbye. If it is goodbye, however -- it has been a fun ride, while it lasted.

I'll try to remember to check this thread from time to time in the near future, the old-fashioned way, but don't bet money on it.

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You can count me in that list

by nentech In reply to Is this goodbye?

I do not like the form of TR's email alerts

I have chosen to to use "My Forum Posts" in "my Workspace" and use the filter

This way I can see the time and date plus who last posted to the question or discussion

The alerts are just to hard to follow

I know I havent been posting for long
But I have enjoyed reading the discussions and questions for a much longer time

Anyway I agree with you

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I'm ignoring the email and using My Workplace her also

by Neon Samurai In reply to You can count me in that ...

Luckily, I'm not subscribbed to enough that that "My Workplace" list of subscription updates goes too far past the limited summary display. The notice email just get trashed at the end of the day.

Actually, if I could turn off the email notice and just have My Workplace notices then I'd be set. I didn't see a clean way to simply respond to the emailed notice without going all the way into the TR site so email is just extra noise.

Using "My Forum Posts" got old pretty quick.

Using "Add to My Workspace" didn't make it past my first try when it asked to open a new project; nope, just wanted a saved link back to the article.

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I have decided to unsubscribe

by nentech In reply to I'm ignoring the email an ...

from any that have had no activity after a week
Or half a week if I haven?t posted in them

I just take a quick look at the emails then delete them

You can just subscribe to any of interest you don?t even have to post

It?s by ?View all Posts?

Just to let you know

I realise you may already know that

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I work similarly

by w2ktechman In reply to I'm ignoring the email an ...

mostly out of My Workspace and subscribed threads. At home I do not allow javascript, so I often find new threads from My Contacts (forums is blank without javascript). So often I am slow to find new stuff.

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Same as the discussion I posted on the 30th

by jdclyde In reply to Is this goodbye?


fact: the new email alerts don't give you the information you need, and too much of what you don't.

Doesn't say who did the post.
Doesn't say which discussion it was from.
Shows the entire post, so why would I ever go back to TR to read it? Trying to discourage people from coming in? Trying to turn the discussions into blog posting?

And yes, I also ALWAYS have my emails come in text. To over ride my setting like that is "disturbing" to say the least.

Goes back to my discussion asking where the discussions fall in the business plan for TR. We hear one thing from our contacts, but see another from the site in how it actually shows up and performs.

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things may be improving

by apotheon In reply to Same as the discussion I ...

I was contacted about the problems I'm having with email alerts today. All of my email alerts have, evidently, been changed to plain text. I'm informed that they're changing the email alerts management page as well, presumably to provide better ability to make bulk changes (like changing all email alert formats to plain text). While discussing the changes to my email alerts, I made sure they knew to check into your issue with the text-vs.-HTML problem as well.

I've also been told that the format of the email alerts themselves will be fixed up in the near future. I have hope for the future format of email alerts. I'll wait and see.

In the meantime, I'll continue to be a bit less active in the discussions of which I was a part, because of the less-efficient means now available to me for keeping up with site activity.

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by Absolutely In reply to things may be improving

I tried to change my message settings to text, and was sent to a cnet login page, which does not recognize the email & password I use on techrepublic ( & successfully on zdnet, last time I checked about a week ago).

Like I said, "grrrrr".

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it is just their way

by jdclyde In reply to grrrrr

of showing their love.....

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With Love like this, who needs Hate? <eom>

by deepsand In reply to it is just their way
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"Not me"

by Absolutely In reply to With Love like this, who ...

said the flies.

"Me neither" said the fleas.

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