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is this outlook 2007 issue unfixable? Reward offered!

By sambo999 ·
Hi all,

My first question here, but I think its a tricky one - I have searched endlessly and cannot find an answer.

Any help appreciated - I can also offer a reward of USD$20 via paypal to the person who can provide the solution that works!

The equipment:

-SBS2003 running on HP ML110g5
-HP 4510s Laptop with Vista and Office 2007 Professional connected via wifi to exchange profile in cached exchange mode
-Motorola SB5101 cable modem
-Linksys WRT54G2 wireless router

The issue:

Everything works fine when there is a stable internet connection - but when there is no internet, or poor wifi coverage and the signal is dropping in and out the problem is as follows:

When I try to send Email when there is no connection to the exchange server, the email gets put in Outbox when you click "send" - but then once a the network and exchange connection is restored, the email stays in outbox and is NEVER sent. It will stay there until I delete it, or move it to drafts and then click "Send" again - at which point it will send no problem.

What I've tried already to no avail:
-Rebooting laptop
-Restarting outlook
-Deleting Outlook local .ost file
-Rebooting server
-Toggling "Work Offline" mode
-Restarting all network equipment
-Reinstalling outlook 2007

Other users on the system do not have this issue. My iphone email connected to my exchange account works fine - no issues.

These issues have only happened since the hard disk died and the system was reimaged about 3 weeks ago. All settings are pretty much default - nothing exotic here.

Please, please please help me out. Any help would be appreciated. Please let me know if you need more info to help me troubleshoot this.



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dear friend...

by notyourusual In reply to is this outlook 2007 issu ...

As much as EVERYOBE here...would like to beleive that microsoft is rock solid...

The facts and research shows otherwise...

This problem is faced my millions of users world wide...even me...and there is no found solution for it...

Move to draft, and then send again...

peace from the middle east

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problem fix

by In reply to is this outlook 2007 issu ...

this has to do with the settings in your wireless access points. try setting it to mixed mode or just one channel. I cannot remember which oof the two solves the dropping issue. cheers! :)

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Possible Fix

by Mr_Tech In reply to is this outlook 2007 issu ...

Hey mate,

Yes, you are not the only one and it's quite irritating. I have seen this before, many many times. I am not sure if this is what I did and if it works but does it let you double click the message? If so, double-click on the message and then try clicking "Send" again and see if it works. It will probably not let you double click it but you can try it.

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