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    Is this possible???


    by bowles.stan ·

    Can some please advise me on this.

    Firstly, I Would like format and reload windows xp pro. But I have a second hard drive full of mp3’s movies docs Programs and other stuff. If I format and reload xp pro on c: will I lose all thats on F: or will xp still be able to access F:

    Any help or suggestion would be most helpful

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      Yes not to worry

      by zlitocook ·

      In reply to Is this possible???

      When you start installing XP it will ask what partition to use, you do not even have to format. Just boot to the cd and follow the directions. If your worried about the second drive remove the cable to until your done with your reload. And reconnect the cable after your done.

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        Reply To: Is this possible???

        by bowles.stan ·

        In reply to Yes not to worry

        Thanks for that, i was a tiny bit worried.

        I will give it a go tommorrow

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          Disconnect the drive

          by mjd420nova ·

          In reply to Reply To: Is this possible???

          Yup that will work for you and the reconnect after you’re done and off you go. I’ve added many a new OS that way with out losing all the files on the old OS. The new drive becomes C:
          and the old drive D:

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      Not to worry

      by dbucyk ·

      In reply to Is this possible???

      When you reformat a drive, as long as the drive you have the mp3’s movie docs, etc. is on a physical second hard drive, I’d delpart the system (not format because if there is any viruses, it will remove them in one step. A virus may still remain after a format).

      However, don’t attempt this on a laptop because the boot bios is located there.

      Just make sure the partition is the same as windows when you reinstall.

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      There you go !!!

      by stargazerr ·

      In reply to Is this possible???

      I started typing out an answer before I read the whole thred(stupid me!!!) but now I see that you already know what I was about to write (type :p )


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