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    is this possible?


    by rammiha ·

    I am fairly inexeperienced with networking so I don’t yet know much about how it all works. I have successfully set up my home network and it was working well. My modem gave up so QWEST sent a new one. It is Actiontec with wireless built in. My problem is that it has only one ethernet port. I need to have additional ports for the printer and wired computer. I have a Netgear wireless router that I used before I got the new modem. Is it possible to use this router as a hub? If so, how do I go about setting it up?

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      Yes, if I undertand….

      by dragonbill ·

      In reply to is this possible?

      If you set up your system as follows:

      Your computers and other network devices would connect to the router. The braodband port on the router would connect to the modem which connects you to the outside world. This is how I am set up at home.

      Good luck and have fun!

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      Deatails would help

      by razz2 ·

      In reply to is this possible?

      First of all this should in Q & A. That said, A lot of this would
      depend on this Actiontec modem. Is it just a modem or my
      guess is it has router abilities. If so then there are 2 options. The
      easiest would be to connect the netgear WAN port to the
      Actiontec LAN port. it has downsides though. This would
      actually create a screened sub-network between the two as


      The ActiontecSubnet is where the wireless conections would
      come in and the problem is that the NetGearSubnet would be
      double firewalled. that is fine untill you need to open ports for
      something. So you could change the router out of gateway mode
      to router mode.

      The second option is to uplink a netgear LAN port to the
      Actiontec LAN Port. That would bypass the routing in the


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      Re: is this possible?

      by craig herberg ·

      In reply to is this possible?

      Connect the WAN (internet) side of your Netgear router to the ehternet port on the Actiontec. You may need to change the Netgear’s ip address — it is probably If that conflicts with your Actiontec, make the Netgear something like Your router documentation should describe how to do this.

      Good luck.

      Craig Herberg

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      You could try this also….

      by cp7212 ·

      In reply to is this possible?

      Instead of going with two routers (and probably having multiple problems), why not go as already stated DSL/cable > Actiontec. Use the wireless capability of the modem.

      It will cost a little more, but why not put a wireless PCI card in your PC and a USB wireless connector on your printer/PC? These devices have come way down in price and you won’t have all the cables and another router to worry about.

      If you’re interested, post back and I’ll help you out.

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        Wireless is cool, but…

        by kschmidt ·

        In reply to You could try this also….

        Going wireless might not be the best solution for one as inexperienced as this. Yes, it solves some of the routing challenges, but if the wireless portion is not set up and secured correctly, it may create more problems than it solves. Just my opinion, I could be wrong.

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      LAN side ports are a Switch

      by howardparr ·

      In reply to is this possible?

      The LAN side ports of your Netgear Wireless router are really a switch. Do not use the WAN port.

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