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    Is this possible?


    by serverstudent ·

    Has anyone ever heard of a gigabit card corrupting a Microsoft Exchange datastore in a SAN configuration with 2 Exchange servers in the cluster? The card supposedly went bad on 1 of the 2 servers. Am I being told a lie, or is this possible?

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      I have heard that

      by stewiejb ·

      In reply to Is this possible?

      Yes i have actually seen a giga card wipe out and stuff up an exchange 5.5 server of similar configuration

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        How did it happen?

        by road-dog ·

        In reply to I have heard that

        I can see it happening, but do you have an idea if the data was corrupted in transit or was the OS/NIC combination hosing the DB application?

        Is the original poster in line for another DB scrub if/when the other NIC acts up, or do you believe there is a driver fix?

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        I’m in networking, and I’m bound to see

        by road-dog ·

        In reply to I have heard that

        this problem at some point in the future in a fingerpointing exercise. Were there bug notes on the problem? Thanks for any info provided, forewarned is forearmed!

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