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Is this the beginning of the end for MS?

By TimMitchell ·
I can't help but think that Windows XP will be the catalyst that topples Microsoft from its industry-leading throne. After all, people are fed up with Microsoft! The Justice Dept. is all over them (and rightly so), and the battle has just begun inthe courts. And in the fat middle of that mess, Microsoft concocts a Communist-like product activation scheme which assumes guilt and makes each and every end user prove that he/she may legally be using the software that has already been bought andpaid for ($$$$).

Their last OS was released only 14 months ago, and office suites are appearing just as fast. Public opinion of Microsoft is at an all-time low. Even with their Product Activation scam, their products keep rising in price (Mr.Gates, are you doing that to keep prices down or to satisfy Wall Street?). They continue to promise that the NBT will be much better than the last, with more user-friendly features and workgroup collaberation (whatever that means); all of which is meaningless to me, considering that most of my end users can't send an email attachment without supervision.

Contrary to what many people think, there are alternatives out there. Although its hardware is proprietary, Macintosh makes a very stable, user-friendly product. Linux will run on almost any PC, and it's free. Sun has a free office suite that is well worth what you pay for it.... and Corel has an Office 2000-compatible suite that is as good or better than its Microsoft counterpart (at half the price, product activation not required).

I really think Microsoft has screwed up. Bill won't admit it; he has never backed down on a product release before and will bet the farm on this one, too. I just hope that those thousands ofprogrammers will find new jobs.....

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Simply: THE END.

by w04525 In reply to Is this the beginning of ...

F*****g M$. Who is paying $$$$$$$ ?
I'ts hardley to beleve but microsoft has finaly did it. Now there going to far.

The Tomorrow Times

The financial marked will be shoked to hear but microsoft is broken. Bill gates has retierd from microsoft.More than 30000 people has lost their jobs....

(some doom senario of the future).

We even can't order Office 2000.

Nice m$, verry Nice.

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A brief dictionary for your next posting

by xxx123 In reply to Simply: THE END.

It's (not i'ts)
hard (not hardley)
believe (not beleve)
finally (not finaly)
they have or they are or they're (but not "there gone")
too far (not to far)
financial market (not financial marked)
shocked (not shoked)
retired (not retiered)
scenario (not senario)

That doesn't even address the grammatical errors. I'm usually not that picky but sheesh! How old are you?

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by generalist In reply to A brief dictionary for yo ...

I think that the writer might be from the Netherlands. The "nl" at the end of the e-mail address hints at that.

If the observation is true, then I'd say that they are doing a decent job of using English as a second language.

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Hmmmm . . . possibly

by xxx123 In reply to Netherlands?

But the juvenile tone of the entire post, and the lack of any intelligent arguments for or against Microsoft (other than the "Bill Gates sucks" variety) still leads me to believe we're dealing with a 14-year-old here.

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Mental age

by generalist In reply to Hmmmm . . . possibly

I'd agree that the mental age reminds me of a 'typical' fourteen year old whose socialization skills are completely lacking.

Of course that can apply to people who are much older than that. Now is the person fourteen going on fourteen or twenty-four going on fourteen?

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by sheaandy In reply to Mental age

Why is it that you supposedly highly educated technicians cannot seem to stick to the topic of the discussion? It seems to me that you are more interested in criticizing grammar. How mature.

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Sticking to topics

by generalist In reply to STICK TO THE TOPIC!!!!

I'm assuming that you are relatively new to the TechRepublic discussion area. You'll find that this is the section where we are NOT required to stick to the primary topic.

On the other hand, TechRepublic IS an area where highly educated professionals, not just technicians, help each other out. In this particular sub-thread we were commenting on the level of professionalism shown by the person originally making the comment. We also made constructive comments on how to improve the level of professionalism, thus helping people out.

Being a professional is not just a matter of knowing the technical stuff. You may be the best technical person in the universe, but if the owner of the company decides that you don't project the right image, you're headhunter fodder.

Being professional doesn't mean that you have to be up tight all the time either. You'll notice that a few people poked fun at us through use of various variations of Dutch. It was fun and educational being on the other side of a language barrier.

You will notice, however, that we did get back on the primary topic. But we had a little fun along the way.

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home user

by katmandoo58 In reply to STICK TO THE TOPIC!!!!

im glad im a home user but if i was a corp. or IT manager i would still laugh about this money making scheme BSA is pulling. and thank you tech republic for the true color you are,green,. i will unsubscribe this newsletter when i finish this sorry we have to part but you do understand.

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Generalist you elitest snob -

by JimHM In reply to STICK TO THE TOPIC!!!!

You Elitest snob - if you are the poster boy for IT professionals - I think I would have to change careers. You more a poster boy for ELITEST's and SNOBS.

OH we are professionals and we are trying to make everyone better - I AM THE GREATEST - Get real - most of us "Techie's" are poor spellers - poor gammar -

Get off your High horse - you aint no better than whale dug at the bottom of the ocean, right along with the rest of us.

What is your second langauge that you can speak and spell and use grammar correctly.. And "Stick to the Subject" -

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by generalist In reply to STICK TO THE TOPIC!!!!

I'm just pointing out some of the realities of the profession while minimizing the name calling or flaming.

I know, from experience, that a lot of technical people have problems with spelling and grammar. That is one of the reasons I've occasionally done proof reading for people. Having me point out possible problems is much better, professionally, than having the CFO or CEO find them.

When helping, I try to explain why I think things are off, as opposed to the snobbish technique of declaring something wrong and providing a correction. A gentle critique, with praise for the good points, does a much better job of helping.

As far as staying on topic, why don't you start another discussion about staying on topic, professional mentoring and/or grammar? After all, your comments are as much off topic as mine...

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